Vista Business probs

  beachhut 16:17 20 Mar 2008

We have a new H.P. Laptop, which arrived aprox 3 months ago. It was loaded with VISTA BUSINESS and a trial WINDOWS 2007. We wanted WINDOWS XP as we had this on our old system, along with WINDOWS 2003. I have been told that we cannot change over to XP and are now stuck with VISTA which we cannot get on with (our work systems are on XP).The laptop has now locked out on 2007 so we cannot access anything unless we agree to buy the full system.

Q/ Is 2007 worth having for less agro, and should we try to get on with VISTA even though it is so un user friendly, we keep losing files. I am told once VISTA is in place you are stuck with it, is that so??????



  ventanas 16:25 20 Mar 2008

It is still possible to buy computers with XP, but not for much longer. if you want to put XP on this laptop you will have to sacrifice the Vista licence and purchase a full retail copy of, I assume, XP Pro.
As for trying to get on with Vista, of course you should, its miles better than XP, and it networks like a dream. I don't understand how you can think its user unfriendly. Give it a chance, and buy a good book on how to use it. You won't regret it. I don't see how losing files can be anything to do with Vista, sorry.
Office 2003 will work with Vista without any problem, I have this setup on two machines, and its a bit cheaper than 2007, so go for that if it suits you better. It will still read the files created in 2007 with the aid of an add-on. Make sure you get rid of 2007 first though.

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