Vista blocks a start up program

  boot-it-out 13:00 12 Jul 2009

I Recently "upgraded" from XP to Vista Home Premium.

My UPS monitoring software (MegaTec UPSilon 2000 Version 3.5) is being blocked by The Windows Defender software monitor, which is not allowing "Mon32w" to run at Start Up.

I installed the program using Administrator privileges, but the program is still blocked when I log on as anythong other than Administrator.

I can run the program manually after start up, by going thorugh the User Account Control to confirm that I trust the program, but this is quite tedious having to do it at every start up, amnd if I forget, then the settings within the UPS software to save work, close programs, and shut down the computer will not operate.

Is there a way of allowing this program to run at Start Up, other than totally disabling the User Account Control ?

( Have checked with software provider but no joy as yet ! )


  T I M B O 14:05 12 Jul 2009

Have you tried turning off UAC ?
Do you think that may help ?

  boot-it-out 14:34 12 Jul 2009

Errr .... The question was :

"Is there a way of allowing this program to run at Start Up, other than totally disabling the User Account Control ?"


  crosstrainer 15:04 12 Jul 2009

Yes there is, but I have done a little research on MegaTec UPSilon 2000 Version 3.5 And can't find any good comments at all.

Having said that, if you wish to continue using at start up:

Open security center

Open windows firewall

Click to add the "Allow this programme through the firewall"

But as an aside, Don't disable UAC.
MegaTec UPSilon 2000 Version 3.5
And check up on:


click here

(top right hand corner, update and run)


click here

Update and run both....

I'm a little suspect about your start up folder, and you can open and delete the shortcuts from there.

  Woolwell 15:16 12 Jul 2009

A few thoughts that come to mind:

1. Do you actually need the UPS monitoring software? I have a UPS and let Vista look after it.

2. Windows Defender is an anti-malware/spyware program and it seems to think that your software is spyware. What other anti-virus/spyware programs do you run? Because of my other programs I have Defender turned off. Do you need Defender? You may be able to allow Defender to accept it.

  crosstrainer 15:24 12 Jul 2009

I would agree, and these "Bolt on" security measures are a lousy. Using some of the good freebies I posted above, in conjunction with a good (paid for) Av programme will take care of most things provided:

1) You update them all daily

2) And scan (fully) with all once per week.

  Miké 15:34 12 Jul 2009

Use the Vista task scheduler, and delay the start of Mon32w by 1 second.

  boot-it-out 16:15 12 Jul 2009

Thanks for the responses so far :-)

Crosstrainer : Already got Ccleaner and other Spyware / Anti virus programs, they are not the problem.

Not sure about adding the program to the list of programs allowed through the Windows Firewall, but will try it and see !

Woolwell :"I have a UPS and let Vista look after it."

... How do you do that ? - Nothing showing up under Device Manager for my UPS. If I can get Vista to automatically save any open documents and shut down the PC if there is a power failure while the PC is unattended then GREAT ! - Otherwise - YES - I do need the UPS monitoring software.


I'll also give that a go if I can figure out how to set it up.

Cheers !

  Woolwell 17:06 12 Jul 2009

Actually I use Vista's power management tools. This will recognise whether you are running on battery or not (I do have a desktop) and you can select what happens when you have been running on battery for a set number of minutes. You can choose to put the system into hibernation (this is not a default option). This creates an image of your desktop with all open files. It isn't an actual save but has a similar effect. Because of my UPS alarm I have time to save before this kicks in.

For your UPS look under battery in Device Manager.

In view of the other spyware progs that you run then the easiest solution is probably to turn of Defender.

  Woolwell 17:06 12 Jul 2009

off not of Defender

  boot-it-out 10:49 14 Jul 2009

Adding the program to Windows Firewall exceptions list makes no difference ( didn't think it would ).

The UPS ( "Battery" ) is not listed in device manager.

Looked at Task Scheduler and couldn't figure out how to add the 1 second delay suggested by Mike - would need "simple" step by step instructions on how to do that.

Turning User Account Control off completely is of course an option. I don't really want to do that though, and find it quite amazing that there isn't a simple option for the computer user / owner ( me ) to decide whether to allow the program to run at start up or not - There's the option to manually run the program after it has been blocked at start up, and I try and remember to do this evry time, but what a pain !

Come on guys - there's just GOT to be a solution ( which doesn't involve me buying a brand new UPS with "Vista compatible" software ) - hasn't there ?

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