vista beta download? worth it?

  Giggsy252 22:58 18 Jun 2006

i am getting a new pc the acer desktop t160, i am thinking of installing vista beta straightaway? would this be a wise move?

how long does it last for before it expires,? what happens after that, can i just revert to XP or would i have to purchase vista next year?

thanks in advance for any clarification

  Jimmy14 23:10 18 Jun 2006

I wouldn't recommend that, definitely not. especially with a brand new pc

  josie mayhem 23:16 18 Jun 2006

No I don't think this to be a wise move on a new computer, it not just the case weather you can get the drivers for the hard-ware, but also there might be a problem with your new computer and you would not know weather this stems from a duff computer or just problems relateing to the beta vista...

I would run your computer until you are asboulty sure that everything is o.k before even thinking about installing a beat version of vista, and then research weather driver are available before install...

  spuds 23:21 18 Jun 2006

Remember Vista is being released in a Beta version, with faults and any bugs possibly still present.If the Acer is going to be your only computer, then I would recommend that you stick with Windows XP or another well tried and recommended operating system, for the time being

In reply to your second paragraph of questions, perhaps the answer could be " Who Knows, Its in early days yet!".

Think also in terms that certain programmes and devices may not work with Vista, in its present form.

  Belatucadrus 23:22 18 Jun 2006

The only real reason for installing Visa beta is because you want to play with it. As a time limited OS beta with compatibility issues with a lot of existing software and drivers, along with any bugs they haven't ironed out, it doesn't really offer the ordinary user anything worth the hassle.
But as I said, if you want to then go for it.

  Giggsy252 23:23 18 Jun 2006

thanks alot guys, thats made my mind up, gonna leave vista for now and stick to the XP provided with the desktop!!

Gonna get Media player 11 and IE beta though :)

  rodriguez 23:24 18 Jun 2006

If you're going to put Vista on it then make sure you dual boot it with XP because it might not be compatible with all your hardware and software. I think Vista is supposed to expire in June 2007 and you can revert it back to XP at any time you want. If you want to keep Vista for longer than a year you'll need to buy the retail version that comes out at the start of 2007.

  Forum Editor 23:26 18 Jun 2006

because you'll have no recourse to your supplier if your machine acts up as a result of the Vista beta.

In some ways I'm beginning to wish that Microsoft hadn't made this beta software available. So many people downloaded it that the Microsoft servers were swamped, and it had to be withdrawn. Many of those who are installing the software will have a limited experience of beta software, or no experience at all, and will proceed as if Vista is a finished product - which is not the case at all. There are many driver issues for one thing, and quite a few software incompatibilities.

Don't get me wrong, Vista is going to be a great product, and I can well understand the enthusiasm with which the public beta has been greeted by millions around the world,'s still a beta product, and under no circumstances should you install it on your main computer, or any computer that contains critical data files and/or mission-critical third-party software.

  Input Overload 01:16 19 Jun 2006

It's far from finished, there are quite a few issues with it & I think it will be great & well worth moving too when finished, but finished it isn't yet. It's OK if you have backed up images to to go back to, but if you haven't leave well alone. I think that MS may have made a mistake with the amount of people who have downloaded it.

  wolfie3000 02:12 19 Jun 2006

I made arule from bad experience "never install software if it has the word beta in the title"

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