Vista Beta 2 & External Hard Drive

  Genius1 13:17 09 Jun 2006

Am I right in thinking that installing Vista Beta 2 on an external hard drive would not be possible because the BIOS would not recognise the USB/Firewire hard drive before the OS has loaded? Thanks...

  Chris-347369 13:20 09 Jun 2006

Sometimes you can set your computer to boot from a USB device. It depends how up to date your computer/BIOS is. I wouldn't recommend it though

  Genius1 13:27 09 Jun 2006

Thanks for the quick reply. PC (and BIOS) about 18 months old but I don't think I'll try using an external hard drive.

I'll probably just use my internal hard drive to do a clean install of Vista with my XP System Restore CD handy in case anything goes wrong!

I created the restore CD using Philips Recovery Media Creator (I have a Philips LS2000 PC). This should be OK to use shouldn't it - although I hope I don't have to?!

  Chris-347369 13:32 09 Jun 2006

That sounds like a good plan as long as your are confident you know how to restore you computer using the recovery media should anything go wrong!

Make sure all your documents etc are backed up though as you'll lose them if they're on your main disk and anything goes badly wrong.

  Genius1 16:41 09 Jun 2006

Thanks Pyroxide.

  Joe R 16:49 09 Jun 2006


another way would be to, create another partition on your drive, and install Vista as a dual boot, with XP.

  Genius1 17:09 09 Jun 2006

Thanks - just downloading Vista now and may look into installing it on a partition. I presume the readme will tell me how to do this the Microsoft way...

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