Vista + AVG

  BenAustin2000 19:49 15 Mar 2007

Silly me, I didn't realise I had to uninstall AVG (free) before I ran the upgrade disk for Vista.

I have tried to uninstall it and it says it has but it is still on my system and I cant use it. Is there any other way i can remove it?


  Kate B 19:57 15 Mar 2007

Not quite the answer you're looking for but I'd do a clean install rather than an upgrade.

  BenAustin2000 19:58 15 Mar 2007

To late for that i just want to get rid of AVG, vista is running perfectly

  VoG II 20:00 15 Mar 2007

Try click here Tools > Uninstaller.

  BenAustin2000 20:03 15 Mar 2007

Still no luck runs the same uninstall and says the uninstalliation was sucessful but obviously isnt :-(

  VoG II 20:06 15 Mar 2007

AVG is supposed to be Vista-compatible. Why not try re-installing it?

  BenAustin2000 20:08 15 Mar 2007

I have tried that but sill no luck it says there is a licence error and i have to activate the virsion with a licence code which i dont have because it was a free adidition

  Fingees 22:37 15 Mar 2007

I run AVG (free) with no problem on Vista

  BenAustin2000 23:04 15 Mar 2007

Sorted now anyway thanks for your help. FOund my lisence key when i went to reinstall so just re enterd it again!

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