Vista always asking for permission

  prince midas 11:06 14 Nov 2008

How can I stop Vista always asking for permission every time I go to a program I have installed previously.

  oldbeefer2 11:13 14 Nov 2008

This was suggested a week or so ago on these here I have been using it quite happily. It asks your approval, but 'learns' which ones you are happy with.

  oldbeefer2 11:15 14 Nov 2008

p.s. Alternatively, you can just switch it off altogether (not in front of Vista machine at the moment, but it's easy to find).

  cocteau48 11:16 14 Nov 2008

click here
allows you to run UAC in silent mode - does not turn it off but stops those annoying pop-ups.

  prince midas 11:40 14 Nov 2008

Thanks guys have downloaded both and will give them a go.

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