VISTA 64bit software/games/boxes/websites

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 14:46 15 Oct 2008

Why do websites say it works in Vista etc so you pay for the software download it . To find it wont install cos its 64bit OS.. Why do you have to go looking into the site/s to find err sorry our software wont work in 64 bit systems...?

Why dont game boxes say that it works in 64bit Vista says Vista 512 mb etc but not 32/64bit .. So I go to the counter in game and the chap says oh I dont no mate if it works on 64bit Vista or not.. Goes and asks 2 of his work mates still no idea comes back if you cant get it to work we give you a refund does seem daft as its not faulty.

Why anit specs clear on packaging + sites?

Spyware doctor does not work though high recommand whats the point if you cant use it.
System suite 8 Pro
Registry Mechinc
All software you can pay up to £50 for
Yet some free software works in Vista 64bit
Even one of my programs ive had for 5 years works in Vista 64bit with no tweaking..

Come on how long Vista 64 bit been out now.

I even had to get a new scanner / printer

its sad

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