Fred05 10:01 04 Apr 2009

I have 2 questions i would like help on. My daughter is using Vista on her lap top, it has two drives C / D with D being half the size of C.
Question 1, some files are 'mirrored' in D from C, can we stop this to make more space on the D drive?
Question 2, when she wishes to 'defrag' i am told that there is no visual indication of it running, of the time or of how much has been done / to do.
Is there any way through the tool bar to have some type of indication?


  Jim_F 10:34 04 Apr 2009

1-depend on what the files are. If you can provide a list and location I should be able to tell you - it could be these are kept by windows or are part of the laptop suppliers backup recovery solution.

2-I'm afraid this is by design - Vista defrag has no gui as it is designed to run as a background task. If you run the command prompt as admin and type 'defrag c: -a' this will give more detailed info on the state of the disk. For more details click here

If you're short of space there are a number of ways to improve thing - easiest is the Windows recover disk space utility you get when you click on drive properties but ccleaner (free to download) also does a good job.

  Jim_F 10:44 04 Apr 2009

Meant to say 'Windows disk cleanup'.

BTW you may want to keep an eye out for 3rd party defrag tools on cover cds or trial downloads but my experience has been that these offer no improvement .

  mooly 11:24 04 Apr 2009

For defragging try this, it's totally safe (it's a built in Vista tool) and gives a "report" on the levels of fragmentation. My advice for an average user is to turn OFF the scheduled defragger (it can slow things down in use) and just do a full manual defrag every 2 or 3 months or so.

Defragmenting HDD using command line prompt. Note insert spaces correctly.
1. Right click command line prompt and run as administrator.
2. Type, defrag c: -a -v to generate detailed file report.
3. Type, defrag c: -v -r to run the defragmentation routine.(note this only defrags files> 64MB)
4. Type, defrag c: -v -w to defragment all file sizes.
5. Type, defrag c: -b to defragment boot files.
6. Type, defrag -? To display information help page.

Try no2 in the above, it takes 3 or 4 minutes to report, and no4 to fully defrag. That takes around 45 minutes on mine.

  Fred05 08:53 05 Apr 2009

Thanks for the info.
Will pass on the details

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