Vista 32 or 64 bit

  bugsy47 19:58 06 Feb 2007

If I was to purchase 64 bit Vista does it mean that I can only purchase 64 bit programs to install in future or can I install 32 bit programs as well?

Also if I were to have 64 bit vista loaded does this mean the graphics card has to be 64 bit or can I use 32 bit graphics cards?

Basically is there any draw backs to having 64 bit Vista?

  Totally-braindead 20:30 06 Feb 2007

Your processor (CPU) has to be capable of processing 64 bit commands I am led to believe. And in order for you to gain any advantage as well as that the program you wish to use has to be 64 bit as well. I think that 99% of all software out there is not 64 bit so you would see no advantage whatsoever at this moment in time.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:43 06 Feb 2007

Further to Totally-braindead

Retail versions of Vista give you the option of a32 or 64 bit install; most comment I've read suggests 32bit installation even if you have a 64bit processor because of the limitation of hardware drivers at the moment.

  iscanut 20:46 06 Feb 2007

With the 64bit version, your printer, scanner, camera, webcam etc may not work if drivers have not yet been written for thye 64bit software. For ordinary home use, best stick with 32bit in my opinion.

  Totally-braindead 20:50 06 Feb 2007

Forgot about the drivers issue as has been pointed out, for any peripherals as Nuts has said you need 64 bit drivers as well.
I'm with Diodorus Siculus I don't think that 64 bit is a good idea at the moment. Perhaps in a year or twos time but now I think there would be too many problems.

  bugsy47 21:10 06 Feb 2007

Thanks people, I will stick with the 32 bit Vista.

  Totally-braindead 21:13 06 Feb 2007

bugsy47 I would hold off on that for a little while as well. Look through the threads in the Vista Forum some are doing ok but some are having a lot of problems, many of them due to the lack of drivers. In another month once many of the drivers are available it might be a different story.

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