jaygice 15:07 15 Jul 2007

can you help ?????
got new pc with vista changed it tha other day cos it was crashing .
now tha new one is doing the same starts up shuts down no probs when i start it and open a file it wont close at all doing same with all files even when im on the net i click the cross and nothing .
now when i hold alt&ctrl and click delete and then cancel it starts to work i carnt keep doing that all the time any ideas what could be wrong anyone ill be very greatfull or should i take this one back as well cheers

  skidzy 15:16 15 Jul 2007

Are you actually saying you cannot close the web pages and any folders/files and programs you may have open ?

  jaygice 15:18 15 Jul 2007

yes thats right skidzy this is my second pc other one did same is this me or the pc

  skidzy 15:19 15 Jul 2007

Please post system specs:

Do you have the Aero feature enabled ?

  jaygice 15:26 15 Jul 2007

carnt find specs but its an acer aspire t671 pentium d915
ram 1gb ddr

  skidzy 15:37 15 Jul 2007

Ok seen the spec.
If you have the Aero feature enabled and as you have only a 1GB of ram and depending what else is running...1 GB is not really enough and could explain the freezing.
Though could be one of many things.

If Aero is enabled,disable this click here
and see if the freezing continues.
If it does its a matter of elimination.

However,if this is freezing straight out of the box.........SEND it Back.

Have you loaded any programs yet ?

  jaygice 15:41 15 Jul 2007

no skidzy not loaded any programs apart from norton which came with it and a windows update nothing else

  skidzy 15:49 15 Jul 2007

Have you tried disabling Norton ?

Norton and Aero enabled and 1Gb of ram do not go together very well,not to mention what other startup programs you may have running.

Trouble is,you probably have a lot of pre-installed software installed and running in the background.

Can you check task manager for me:

Ctrl+ALT+Delete select Task Manager and processes
post back the cpu usage and physical memory usage

  jaygice 16:00 15 Jul 2007

skidzy tried aero to basic no change the cpu is 9%
physical mem is 49% .

  skidzy 16:18 15 Jul 2007

Well they seem fine.

Ok lets try something else:

Windows key+R
Select Startup
Now untick what programs are not needed and ok.(look for photo editing suites such as Corel/Ulead etc and any other isp promo's etc..basically leave your av ticked and graphics card options ticked)

Do not untick all as we would in XP !

You may need to reboot.

Though im starting to think its possible hardware im afraid send it back again.

  jaygice 16:33 15 Jul 2007

hi skidzy tried what you said restarted and still doin tha same this is my second tower now should i take it back would you .

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