freeland 22:03 21 Jun 2007

i have purchased vista home premium upgrade, i have xp plus sp2, can i use the vista disc to install it or do i reformat and then install.

  SANTOS7 22:30 21 Jun 2007

click here
the link will help, good luck..

  iscanut 22:31 21 Jun 2007

If your computer is up to running Vista, then just go ahead and install the upgrade. There is no need to worry about reformatting the hard disc.

  Kate B 22:33 21 Jun 2007

Actually, you'd be better off doing a clean install. Lots of us ran into troubles with upgrades.

  freeland 22:39 21 Jun 2007

my ram is 512 is that ok to run vista

  SANTOS7 22:47 21 Jun 2007

not really
click here

run the memory upgrade advisor from the link and buy as much as you can afford your PC will run so much better...

  Kate B 00:32 22 Jun 2007

Run the upgrade advisor - you might have other issues too.

  davidprc 12:54 22 Jun 2007

Why did you upgrade? Was XP causing problems?

Just curious.

  freeland 15:46 22 Jun 2007

hi to you all,
Thanks for all your help,i have not installed vista yet,i think i will wait awhile till microsoft have cleared some of the bugs that i believe some people have found to their regret,i am quite happy with xp at the moment,

  Kate B 19:29 22 Jun 2007

"cleared some of the bugs" - Vista is fine, very stable, and no more buggy than XP. I wish people would stop spouting this line: it's nonsense. The issues you might have are with drivers, which is not Microsoft's fault; and for some reason doing an upgrade install isn't guaranteed to succeed.

  Pine Man 19:53 22 Jun 2007

Must support Kate B on this. I have been running Vista since January. It was a clean install and I have had no problems at all with it. You often find in this forum that just a few people are making a lot of noise about Vista while the silent majority are quite happy.

Certainly your RAM is a bit on the small side for Vista but when I used XP I had at least IGB RAM to get the best out of it.

If you've got it use it :-)

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