Jak_1 21:13 19 Jul 2006

I know that Vista is only a beta version at present, my system is an Advent desktop with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Chip. What advantage would I be likely to gain by upgrading to the Vista 64 bit version when it finaly becomes a viable (I use the term loosly!) comercial product. At present I am still on xp-home sp1 which works fine for me as I use 3rd party security programs instead of relying on microshafts.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:20 19 Jul 2006

Apart from a different colour scheme (you can download a look-alike copy anyway) you will notice no difference at all. Stick with what you know.


  Jak_1 21:22 19 Jul 2006

Thanks Gandalf, a simple case of 'if it aint broke then don't fix it'.

  ezypcy 21:45 19 Jul 2006

Jak_1 if you feel you need to keep up with all the
latest changes in the pc market,then I feel that one
has to jump onto the vista bandwagon.
I have installed a beta version of vista,exactly for
that reason.
You can now download ,now given free ,from MS their
Virtual PC program.This is one method for running
dual systems.If your system gets into trouble then
you can revert back to a previous stage.

Remember some people are still working with Win98!
This is more difficult and troublesome than working with XP.And MS has now ended support for it plus ME.

  Jak_1 22:10 19 Jul 2006

I just wondered if there was any significant advantage over xp-home given that I do have a 64 bit chip. I don't particularly want to change just for the sake of it.

  phil46 12:26 20 Jul 2006

I did give the Vista 64bit a try but found nothing would work with it even when everything was ok with the 32bit version,you should remember there isn't much software available that works with the 64bit version.

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