phil46 13:18 22 Jun 2006

If anyone is using Vista bete 2 where is the compatability wizard??? it showed itself on one program and i'm unable to locate it now when i want it.

  Zeppelyn 13:27 22 Jun 2006

Only been testing a few days but it appears to be automatic when having problem installing software.

  mattyc_92 14:27 22 Jun 2006

I haven't found it, and I have been using it for over a week.

It comes up sometimes, as Zeppelyn says, when there is a problem installing something

  phil46 15:09 22 Jun 2006

Many thanks for that it's not just me then downloaded the Vista 64bit version now the Soundblaster 24bit that works with the 32bit wont work,The only version of AOL that will load is version 8 but the browser is useless all you can do is send mail.
Why Microsoft released this beta version on a large scale i do not know.

  rodriguez 15:23 22 Jun 2006

Microsoft shouldn't have really released it at all and I don't know why they did. Surely they must have had an idea that releasing a beta version to the general public would cause allsorts of problems. For a start, the amount of people trying to download it caused a huge bottleneck and their poor server suffered a bit. Then there a still big compatibility issues with most people. I've been quite lucky as the only piece of hardware that won't work is my TV tuner card. But a lot of software won't rub under Vista - one of them being ZoneAlarm. So anyone who downloads it needs to dual boot it with XP so that they still have a working OS. A lot of people in the general public won't realise this and think "ooo new version of Windows" and install it as their main OS when it still isn't fully compatible. So they then have to go through the process of putting XP back on and have wasted 3.5GB of their bandwidth. This is why Microsoft should keep beta releases available to beta testers. I think maybe the next beta release of Vista won't be public.

  Totally-braindead 16:34 22 Jun 2006

I was waiting for someone to say something like they shouldn't have released it or why did they release it when it has bugs? Its a Beta program there were plenty of warnings about it before downloading and if you downloaded it and have problems well all I can say is its a Beta.

I personally am happy enough with XP and will not be trying Vista for some time, I'm sure I will eventually have to change but until I have to change I will not be making the move. To those of you that are trying it good luck to you and remember the purpose of releasing it to the general public is to find bugs and allow Microsoft to alter things to solve the bugs before the proper release. This is a valueable service and you will be helping making it more stable.

I am not slagging anyone who has downloaded it, if I had a second system or perhaps a bit more time I might have tried it as well. I'm afraid I just don't have the time to try it as I'm almost certain some of my programs would have problems as some of them are a bit long in the tooth anyway and I need a fully working computer, and don't want to set up a dual boot system either.

  Zeppelyn 17:02 22 Jun 2006

No one should even think of running this as their main OS. I for one dont have a problem dual/multi booting and helping to test. Vista will accept most XP drivers, the only I couldnt get to install was for Sony Ericsson phone USB cable.

  Legolas 18:05 22 Jun 2006

I d/loaded it but I have tried a few times to install it with no joy. I get to the same point and I get the error "windows cannot lay down images" or something like that and the install quits.

  Devil Fish 18:27 22 Jun 2006

installed programs

right click the program icon select properties then compatibilty tab

programs not installed right click cd/DVD explore

locate setup / install.EXE file right click select propeties compatibility tab

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