Vist or XP

  SURVEY 09:27 12 Dec 2007

I have recntly ordered a new laptop and specified Vista Home Premium. My desktop that is plenty quick enough and up to date runs XP. Should I in retrospect have ordered XP (which was an option available) on the laptop? It may not be too late to change the spec. Any opinions? there do seem to be a lot of hardware and software compatibility issues with Vista which was heralded by Microsoft as the answer to everyone's prayers!!

  ventanas 09:37 12 Dec 2007

Issues will depend on the age of your hardware. I have no problems at all, and some of mine is a few years old. Just make sure you get the latest drivers for Vista and you should be ok. And you will also know if none are available. My opinion is that many opinions of Vista are uninformed or simply scaremongering. It leaves XP standing in every department.

  [email protected] 09:40 12 Dec 2007

Vista is perhaps prettier ;-)

  Pine Man 09:41 12 Dec 2007

If you have bought a new computer with Vista pre-installed you should have nothing to worry about as all of the hardware and software associated with your purchase should work perfectly - if not it is a warranty issue.

If you have existing hardware and software that you might want to use with your new computer you should check with their websites to see if it is compatible.

In summary it is highly unlikely that you will come across any unsurmountable problems with your new lappy running Vista.

  kjrider 09:54 12 Dec 2007

Having a laptop with Vista on for a couple of weeks, I would certainly go back to XP.

Vista is just a lot of flashy extras. The first thing I did was to close off the sidebar, and to stop all those annoying popups that come up and ask me to confirm what I am doing!

  anskyber 09:54 12 Dec 2007

I agree with the opinions above, I think you will enjoy Vista when you get it.

Have a good look around the Control Panel when you get it everything is there, very handy.

  SURVEY 11:57 12 Dec 2007

Thank you all for your views. I think that I will stick with the order for Vista particularly as at soem stage XP support will be discontinued! The advice to find the Control Panel is sensible!

  skeletal 12:13 12 Dec 2007

My problem with Vista are legendry; I still cannot get it to boot reliably and I am awaiting SP1 to see if that makes it work. When it does boot I have done some speed testing and found it to run some tasks in Office around 30% slower. Games run about 10 fps more slowly. It hammers the hard drive like no tomorrow (some say it is due to superfetch and file indexing; I have not tried to stop superfetch. If it is the index process then that is also useless as I left it running continuously for about 6 hours once; it still hammers the HD at (the very rare!) bootup). The UaC is dreadful, it asks you to confirm virtually everything you do; it is so bad I have now disabled it. Software that is supposed to be Vista ready still crashes (AVG anti virus for example).

For me, the performance hit is just too big (I have a core 2 duo E6700 processor, 2 G RAM and nVidia 8800GTX graphics card). I would not have Vista in its current (IMO) beta state and I am soooo glad I dual boot, using XP for serious work, and Vista as a (broken) toy when I fancy something to play with (rare these days, I worry that having to hard reset all the time, and all the disk hammering may harm my computer).

I cannot agree with ventanas in that “it leaves XP standing in every department”. I would say the exact opposite with the exception that the areo interface is very pretty.

However, as others have said, if you buy a laptop with it already installed, it should work (you will soon know if it refuses to boot!!!) and you should be able to get it sorted from the seller.

As it is a laptop, I assume you will not be using it for serous game playing so fps drop will not be an issue. Similarly, if you only use Office for “simple” stuff you won’t notice the difference. (If you run loads of code/have Excel spreadsheets with 10,000s cells/Access with millions of records, you MAY see a difference.)

Threads like this will always get a polarised opinion. Clearly, those who have had no problems will like Vista and wonder what on earth people like me, who have endless problems, are on about (and vice versa of course!).

Perhaps tossing a coin will help!!!


  polymath 19:39 12 Dec 2007

By the time I had the money for a new computer, they all seemed to have Vista if they had room for it, and my new desktop and laptop have.

I don't personally feel the need to toss a coin. After reading lots of opinions in various places, I've decided to buy and install XP soon and have a choice (especially as my hop straight from 98SE probably means some fun and games as it is!)

  SURVEY 16:19 13 Dec 2007

skeletal - your experience is truly frightening! It is now too late to change my order back to XP so I am hoping that mine will be OK. I have checked with the manufacturers of my scanner, external drive and printer and all should be OK with Vista after downloading appropriate drivers.

I thuohgt that AVG 7.5 was indeed OK with Vista and shold not crash. What about ZoneAlarm Free, Spybot and AdAware?

  anskyber 16:32 13 Dec 2007

"What about ZoneAlarm Free, Spybot and AdAware?"

Yes, provided you download the latest versions.

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