Visio 2003

  ABERDEENBHOY 12:26 18 Oct 2003

I need assistance with visio 2003 drawings. I am creating an engineering cd and whilst mainly using Office XP I am trying to add drawings to my word document and finally PDF these documents to CD. But when I insert any drawings from Visio I have several faults that I cannot fathom out.
Problem 1 is when the drawings are inserted some of the lines are greyed out?. I have tried using heavier line weight but that still doesnt help.
Problem 2 sometimes when a drawing is inserted some fonts are missing or not transferred, or if they do transfer when I PFD the document all the fonts pertaining to the drawings are missing.

I would prefer to retain the Visio drawings, but the only way round the problem is to convert all drawings to a Jpeg, but jpegs look very un professional on an engineering document.

Anyone have a clue?

  Belatucadrus 12:38 18 Oct 2003

I'm not up on Visio compatability, but you could try Openoffice instead of Word, it's free, accepts a wide range of formats and has it's own save to PDF so wouldn't involve third party software click here and would be less likely to corrupt the document as it changes the format. Not the simplest option, but until somebody comes up with an alternative.

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