virus/trojan avoidance

  Dasmad 10:37 20 May 2005

I've had more than my fair share of virus/trojan problems and my latest is smitfraud/spyware/adware which is a current nightmare.
What I'd like to know is whether use of a browser such as mozilla can avoid any of this pain because it's mainly IE that is targetted.....?
And again, is it true that users of Apple machines are much less likely to have such problems because it's windows/microsoft that is targetted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:19 20 May 2005

Yes using Firefox can lessen the chances of infection, however several virus/ spyware companies- writers target popular sites used by many people.

There is no sure wy of not contracting spyware or viruses all you can do is have a decent Antivirus prgram good firewall and spyware stopper / detector.

I have had no problems since using

Avast4 click here

ZoneAlarm click here

Spywareblaster click here and MSoftAntispy Beta click here

  gudgulf 12:59 20 May 2005

click here

Removal instructions for smitfraud.

  Pooke100 13:12 20 May 2005

It's always the most popular that gets targetted. That's the way it has always been, as these other browsers etc grow in popularity so will the attacks. All you can do to protect yourself is ensure windows is all patched up, anti virus is uptodate, anti spyware proggies are kept uptodate aswell and a good firewall.

Keep away from dodgy sites and use lots of common sense when online.



  brambles 14:12 20 May 2005

My daughter had Smitfraud but had it dealt with professionally - costly.

click here claims it can completely & safely remove 'Smitfraud Desktop Hijacker' Trojan-Spy.html.smitfraud.c.

Cost $29.95!

I have looked at the Wilders Security Forums solution but quite frankly there were so many programmes to download before you can start that I advised my daughter to pay Currys where she had the computer from.

google search: type 'remove Smitfraud Desktop Hijacker' and you'll see how widespread the problem is. Don't be tempted by the 'free scans' you have to pay at the end if you want the problem fixed.


  Indigo 1 14:26 20 May 2005

A very good all round program that I have been using is Ewido from click here . I have found it very effective against spyware, trojans and virus'. It is free to download and use for 30 days and will automatically update itself during that period but the only restriction for not puchasing a license after that period is that auto updates no longer work, you can still manually update it as necessary.

It is no substitute for a good quality anti-virus program but works fine as a secondary defense because you have to start it manually.

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