viruses and worms

  User-E5E86C2D-D398-4C96-9C3AA959E06B09BE 10:17 31 May 2004


Some one I know his computer is swamped with viruses and worms I tried to put an anti virus software in his pc but the worms would not let me start the anti virus

Any solutions please?

Thank you all

  keith-236785 10:36 31 May 2004

goto click here and do an online scan if it will allow you.

if you still cannot get it to work, can you save all important stuff to cd or another drive/partition. then format and re-install windows (make sure you have ALL the drivers for everything, take a written note of internet dial up phone number, any and all registration details of software (serial numbers/ registered name)

  Graham ® 10:51 31 May 2004

Start the antivirus in Safe Mode.

  Belatucadrus 11:15 31 May 2004

click here use the free anti virus toolkit to clean the system, it's a stand alone scanner without a blockable install routine, so should be OK. Then add the anti virus program.

  jack 12:01 31 May 2004

If the infections can be identified
Ie a message comes up with a virus/worm warning and a name e.g W32spybot.worm and similar#make a note of all names ACCURATELY
shut down the machine
restart in SAFE mode
Go to Start/Run/ type in Regedit
In search field type a virus name, when it comes up hit delete.

Backing up do'cs is risky because they may be infected and you run the risk of feeding the bug back in.
but - lifes a risk innit!

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