Viruses and Webmail

  Bagsey 17:28 23 May 2003

Can someone please tell me if opening email on the bt webmail site will prevent me getting a virus or am just fooling myself.

  Valvegrid 17:40 23 May 2003

No to the first and yes to the second, although some web mail sites do virus check, I woudn't trust them. I would feel far more comfortable having my own.

Try this one, it's free and very good.

click here


  Bagsey 17:52 23 May 2003

Thanks for that prompt answer. I do have Avg which has saved me on several occasions, but I have been getting so much rubbish mail that I have been going into webmail and thinning out the junk befor I download my legit emails.
I was hoping that I was covered for virus checking by BT whilst I did that. Their spam trapping does work but not very well as far as I am concerned, with more getting through than is trapped. My delete key is gettin hot with all of the activity.

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