Viruses and reinstallation...

  nick_j007 15:02 26 Jan 2005

Hello all,

My mum has a new PC that seems to be giving her all sorts of hassle. I can only imagine that some downloading must have gone on beofre she installed some AV software.
Question is, if she only has a few pictures on it and nothing mch to worry about, is she as well to do a complete reinstall of XP and will that negate all current viruses and trojans for example?
Or, do we have to work on what's in it and eradicate.

Many thanks,


  ACOLYTE 15:08 26 Jan 2005

The format and reinstall would clean the system of whats on there,but as you say if you can find out the names of any viruses/trojans on the pc there may be a way to clean it without formating.

  nick_j007 15:16 26 Jan 2005

Thing is, my mum is spending an awful amount of time and effort on this and seems to be one step forward and then two back. I would go down to help but am too busy at the moment. I'm just thinking that in the long run this would be the least stress and best use of time.
Better to do it now when only a week or so old than much later on with things that need to be backed up etc.

Can you please confirm that a complete reinstall of XP will leave it as clean as a whistle?

Many thanks indeed ACOLYTE


  ACOLYTE 15:19 26 Jan 2005

Yep a clean install will delete everything on the pc, to be extra sure unplug the pc for about a minute after formating this will clear what ever was in the memory as well.

  ACOLYTE 15:23 26 Jan 2005

P.S it wouldnt be a good idea to go back online without any AV software or firewall.Also there are patches available from Windows update that stop virus exploits in xp these can be downloaded before formating saved and then installed after,i take it she hasnt gor sp2? as most of the exploits are fixed with this.

  nick_j007 15:33 26 Jan 2005

Ok then sounds like the way to go IMHO.

What do you think though of going online to download AVG, when she is unguarded by AV software or SP2 at that time. How vulnerable are you?

Would windows update show ALL the relavent updates required or is extra research needed?

Thanks ACOLYTE. I've already called home with this relatively good news :-)


  VCR97 19:44 26 Jan 2005

If possible it would be best if you download AV and firewall to your computer and burn it to a CD. Then your mother's PC can be loaded-up from that with no security problems.

  nick_j007 19:48 26 Jan 2005

Cheers Keith. I'll mark this as done.

Thanks ACOLYTE also.


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