Viruses over wireless networks?

  Nuttyscrat 17:27 30 Nov 2006

Is it possible to get a virus through a wireless network? We have 3 computers linked up to a netgear router sharing a 1meg broadband connection. My brother has started to use Limewire on his computer, and apart from slowing my connection down I'm worried that if he accidentaly downloads a virus me or mum will get it too. He only has Norton anti-virus, and I have ZA and AVG. We had a massive infestation on all 3 pcs last year and we were told then that viruses etc can spread through the wireless. But then of course someone has to go and say that they can't... so I need to make sure.
If they can I shall promptly go and bounce my brother's face off his desk and tell him to get rid of the p2p. =D

And by the way, is there a way to stop my connection slowing down when somebody else on the wireless is (e.g.)downloading something? I play a mmorpg and the latency sucks. I bet there isnt a way is there, things are annoying like that.

Anyway cheers in advance ^^

  mgmcc 20:33 30 Nov 2006

You will only get a virus over the network, "wired" or "wireless", if an infected file is transferred over the Local Area Network using "File & Printer Sharing". If you don't have a need to transfer files between computers, untick the box in the Wireless Network Connection's Properties for "File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

<<< is there a way to stop my connection slowing down when somebody else on the wireless is (e.g.) downloading something? >>>

It's not the wireless connection that will be slowing you down but the 1Mbps broadband connection that's being shared by whoever is online.

  Nuttyscrat 21:10 30 Nov 2006

Thank you! Thats perfect. We don't transfer files so I'm safe then =P

And looks like I'm either going to have to ask mum to upgrade the internet or get my own xD

Thanks again! ^^

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