kerdo 00:08 16 Apr 2007

I have norton virus protection through my BT service provider but 3 viruses have accessed my do i get rid of viruses on my computer.I am a complete novice on the computer and dont have a clue what im doing! Please help!!!

  [email protected] 08:30 16 Apr 2007

run norton live update, reboot pc, go into safe mode (press f8 on boot) run a full scan and post back your findings, how do you know you have 3 viruses? and can you give more details of them please?

  Enoch 11:26 16 Apr 2007

If you have Norton Anti-Virus protection AND have kept it updated, I cannot see how you have a virus, let alone three.

As "adman2" wrote, please post more details

  Totally-braindead 13:28 16 Apr 2007

Viruses can get in, it could be you did a scan and Norton found them and deleted them automatically. As the others have said we need more details. If you are unsure run another virus scan, after updating, and see if it finds anything. If not the Norton has already stopped them.
If it still finds something and cannot delete it post back with the names of the viruses.

  p;3 14:56 16 Apr 2007

did you keep the Norton up to date?

you could try running this on line scan from trend; make sue you select your country from the drop down menue before you carry on ; itr is an on line scan so it does not install on your comp

click here

of interest, are you on dial up or BB? and what is your windows version?

  p;3 21:08 23 Apr 2007

are you now off line or able to read this? and one may ?presume you are running XP?with the system restore facility turned on?

  dom dom 23:52 24 Apr 2007

NORTON is a grat software antivirus but not the best in terms of spyware.
I have this messege coming up all the time on my taskbar and couldn t delete the program whom generate it from program files because part of the registry was infected.
Find the problem manually is possible but not easy and if you don t know what you're doing you may have problem. So Norton didn t manage to find the spyware but AVG did instead by finding the spyware and virus linked to it and deleted. I run the scanning on Safe Mode (F8 when starting the system)
AVG is available for 30 days free trial and works.
Have a nice spyware and virus hunting... you ll be surprised how many of these are accomodated in your PC!

  p;3 05:54 25 Apr 2007

if you do get the computer running again; you may find you are far better off with norton NOT on your computer

this is the removal tool you will need to run; select your version of windows and hopefully print off these instructions too;
click here

this is a link to get the AVG 7.5 version to fully update and run it once norton IS off there
click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

and links to other protection programs for you to use and run to see what else you may have picked up

do though remember you may only have ONE INSTALLED antivirus program on your computer

assuming you are still out there and in need of help?

as discussed elsewhere on this forum , Norton is NOT a popular antivirus program and many of us decline to use it;

if you are still out there perhaps you could post back and let us know how things are? BUT my suspicion is that the comp may now be unbooteable


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