virus which is not a virus

  Meshuga 10:08 25 Feb 2005

I have run a scan with eScan which has come up with the following, File C:\Documents and Settings\oem\My Documents\ProgramsMIRC\mirc6.16.exe tagged as not a virus.riskware.mIRC.6.16. no action taken. Is this a virus or is it not and in either case how do I get rid of it or can I ignore it.

  john-232317 10:16 25 Feb 2005

Morning young man, maybe my thread here will help.

click here

  Old Shep 10:18 25 Feb 2005

Think you will find its a chat program click here and scroll down.Regards

  gudgulf 10:48 25 Feb 2005

eScan used to be a very thorough scanner and removed loads of rubbish without question.More recently it tends to tab a lot of things as "not a virus" and suggest you buy the full version to fix the problems.

These days I still run it every now and then(it is still good at sniffing things out) but have to check through the list of "not a virus" to see what they my case it lists one of my game executables and a couple of other items that I need so I can safely ignore them.It is probably being more accurate with MIRC16.exe as with that sort of chat client there is often some sort of adware included.If you use MIRC16 then just ignore the finding(riskware may or may not be an actual threat).If not follow the pathway to the folder and delete/uninstall it yourself or scan with a couple of other antimalware scanners such as the Microsoft/Giant beta or a2.

  Meshuga 13:05 25 Feb 2005

Good day to you dadyassa. Thank you for the "young man" comment. Will study your suggestion. Thanks to Old Shep and gudulf. I had downloaded mirc some time ago but it caused trouble so i uninstalled it. I have found that eScan frequently finds things that subsequently aren`t there, presumably to get you to buy the paid for version. I have now run spybot,Adaware, Giant and A2 and none have found anything.I shall continue looking but if nothing turns up I`ll ignore it.Many thanks to you all. Regards, Meshuga.

  Meshuga 13:17 25 Feb 2005

Hi all, have run a search by going to start, search and 4 items were found for MIRC and I`ve deleted them all. Lets hope that takes care of it.

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