a virus, when it is not on the net ??

  Magik ®© 14:57 28 Jul 2005

hi, can you get the above, the laptop has not be connected since last night, only the one i am on now, I switched it on about an hour ago, so the grandaughter could play cards on it, then after about 15 minutes, I got a virus alert from avg.
think it was "back door flood" anyone any idea how it could happen.......thanks

ps: it is still not connected to the internet.

  Major Disaster 15:14 28 Jul 2005

It may have been downloaded from the net when you were on it and only been excuted now

  Magik ®© 15:20 28 Jul 2005

thanks, guess you may be right.......

  Bagsey 15:22 28 Jul 2005

Its not unknown for some of the free magazine discs to carry infections.???Could this be a possible source.

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