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  Gorillaz 10:08 30 Aug 2005

I (or rather one of my sons)picked up a virus through the Internet that NAV discovered when it carried out its weekly scan. I would have thought that NAV or Norton Firewall would spotted this when it was being downloaded. I have incoming and outgoing email checked. Auto-protect is enabled in fact I am sure I have all correct settings for the Internet. Are there any other settings I should look at? By the way one my sons said he has been checking out some of the free ringtone and music sites, this could be where the virus was downloaded from.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:18 30 Aug 2005

I've looked around symantec for this before and can't find much to help. I'm not saying it's not there, only that I can't find it.

Sorry that I can't help with NAV but it could serve as a recommendation for Avast - that has a web scanner which scans files as they are being downloaded from the net and will not allow anything through.

  Gorillaz 10:26 30 Aug 2005

Thanks for the reply, I will wait to see if there are any other replies. In the meantime will check out the Avast website.

  dan11 10:31 30 Aug 2005

Can only echo Diodorus Siculus's comment. I ditched NAV and got the free Avast programme. It works really well and I have never had a problem.:-)

  Belatucadrus 11:03 30 Aug 2005

While not a great NAV fan, no anti virus is completely infallible, due to the reactive nature of their task, new virus signatures are brought out as a reaction to new viruses, so there is always a window of opportunity to pick up a nasty between it's release date and the arrival of the relevant AV signature update. The answer on most AV packages is to set the heuristics to their most secure level, they may trigger the odd false positive, but should catch any virus like activity as it happens.

  Gorillaz 12:00 30 Aug 2005

I could agree with Belatucadrus but the virus was a win32.netsky variation which is an old virus.
I have searched the symantec knowledge base and came up with zilch. However when you open the Symantec Help Center there is the following:-
"Protects your computer from viruses transmitted through the Internet by checking all files that you download from the Internet, including Java Applets and ActiveX controls". Yet instructions in the help index are non existent. I cannot believe that NAV is missing such an important item that is available in free virus checkers.

  Belatucadrus 14:38 30 Aug 2005

Symantec are aware of Netsky w32.netsky.p@mm.html" title="" TARGET="_new">click here but that doesn't explain why it didn't detect it. Like I said I'm not a NAV fan, too resource hungry for my taste, particularly the do everything Internet security variants.

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