Virus Warning!!!!

  €dstow 08:41 27 Jan 2003

Browsing through the weekend's posts, I noticed something that I think deserves a little more attention.

It seems nowadays that it is thought that computer viruses are exclusively spread by means of the Internet, particularly by email.

This is by no means the case. Computer viruses were around long before the Internet and were spead by the sharing of (mainly) floppy disks, CDs and by direct linking of two or more computers. It has also been known that commercial CDs have contained viruses as have cover disks on magazines.

Most people's virus checkers are set to check incoming emails and other internet stuff but how many of us virus-check disks and all the other things that we merrily stick in our machines - like, for example portable memory units/smartcards etc., especially if they're from someone else?

Just because the Internet has become the mainstay of virus distribution, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other methods have fallen into disuse. It always pays to be vigilant!

Another thing that was brought up over the weekend on a similar subject is just because an email or web page has an impeccable pedigree, it doesn't guarantee that it won't contain something nasty. BT was cited as an example and I seem to remember that the great god Microsoft was accused of a similar thing.

I don't expect any responses to this but it would be nice if it were kept on the front page for a day or so to allow forum members to be reminded of this and perhaps younger members to be made aware of it.


  hoverman 08:58 27 Jan 2003

I totally agree with your comments. It is all too easy to become complacent about virus attacks from sources other than the Internet. I always make it a habit to scan EVERYTHING before I open it, no matter where it has come from.

  « Ravin » 09:02 27 Jan 2003

very good points raised mr.ed . lots of people i know including me have been quite careless with floppies etc and learnt the hard way

  Big Ben 09:17 27 Jan 2003

are there any good free virus checkers with minimal advertising?

  €dstow 09:19 27 Jan 2003

I'm a recent convert to AVG. No ads that I've seen. Very happy with it and it's free for personal users.


  spikeychris 09:38 27 Jan 2003

A local council I did some work for ended up with a boot sector virus on all there notebooks from one floppy disk. This was done because they are used by an outreach team and the users were just inserting any old disk's.


  €dstow 12:45 27 Jan 2003

Just moving to top.


  Tenner 15:06 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for that timely reminder ....

Whilst on the subject : I understand that if you send a Word doc as an attachment, convert it to .rtf and it cannot carry a Worm - the most common form of ' virus ' - care to comment , ?d ?



  €dstow 15:12 27 Jan 2003

Not a clue but these things can be hidden all over the place.

I did read once that virus caode can be hidden inside a JPG file which can open apparently as normal and show its picture and at the same time distribute the virus in the machine.

I'm pretty sure whatever we say today about what things cannot be done, tomorrow we'll find they have been!


  Diemmess 17:55 27 Jan 2003

Just chucking in some ancient history.
1990 I bought an 8086 PC 2nd hand from a friend who was going professional.

It turned out to have the stoned virus bundled with it! I phoned him, he apologised said he had thought he had got rid of it and lent me the Dr Solomon FINDVIRU which cleaned it and every single 5.25 floppy I had all infected before I discovered what was slowing things up!

  Stuartli 17:57 27 Jan 2003

Norton AV will do the checking for you on e-mails, incoming and outgoing.

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