Mike2002 14:37 02 Mar 2004


Today I received an e-mail from '[email protected]'. Subject: Price list.

It consisted solely of a zipped .exe file attachment which, when scanned by my AVG Anti-Virus program, contained an virus called 'I-Worm/Bagle.C'

See information about this virus at click here

Be on your guard everyone and DON'T open ANY attachments without scanning them first - even if they do come from the BBC!!!

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:06 02 Mar 2004

I have had about 12 emails latley all with attachments from different people all with viruses in them ,ranging from zip to pif files,some one cant be updating there virus scanner very much.


  medicine hat 15:07 02 Mar 2004

I received a virus-infected email yesterday, subject "Read this Excel file" - not much thought went into the production of that nasty

  phil.smith 15:11 02 Mar 2004

I have received 2 recently saying "Here it is!"

  mole44 15:28 02 Mar 2004

simple answer if you don`t know who sent you the mail delete it

  Kate B 15:35 02 Mar 2004

Yeah, for heaven's sake, surely everyone knows that it's a really dumb idea to open an unsolicited attachment? Surely, Mike2002, if you weren't expecting a price list from Lindsay at the BBC, it was stupid to open it?

Makes you wonder why we waste our breath telling people not to open unsolicited attachments. Just as well you had done the smart thing and kept your anti-virus definitions up to date, Mike.

  Stuartli 15:41 02 Mar 2004

There are dozens of similar examples around at present.

The address will have been harvested from the address book of the last person to have had the worm.

Obviously it will not be the true sender or
even someone infected.

It also reinforces my constant message to disable the Preview Pane permanently and use the following approach:

If you DISABLE the Outlook Express Preview Pane (should be a permanent move) you can view suspicious messages.

Providing the Preview Pane is disabled, highlight an e-mail with one click, right click and then select Properties.

You can now read the header and, by clicking on Message Source, the message itself.

Then Cancel as necessary and, if the e-mail is doubtful, whilst it is still highlighted use the Tool Bar Delete button to delete it.

It's having the Preview Pane enabled that can allow unwanted nasties to do their business - just one click on an infected e-mail can let them loose.

  Mike2002 18:11 02 Mar 2004

Kate B:

I didn't say I opened the attachment at all!
I scanned it out of curiosity, even while it was still within Winzip.
I also scanned it with a program called 'The Cleaner' which detects Trojans. In this instance, since it wasn't a Trojan, it gave it the all clear.

Stuartli: Sensible advice to all. I don't have the Preview Pane visible, I learnt that trick ages ago. In addition I use the MailWasher program, which allows the user to view (and delete)what messages are waiting to be downloaded from the server.

  Halmer 18:29 02 Mar 2004

to open my mails without seeing who they are from.

Whilst I wouldn't open any attachements without care etc, can simply opening the mail expose me to a virus?

  Kate B 18:32 02 Mar 2004

oops, sorry Mike, didn't read your post all the way through to the end. Still, the point holds (though you are officially a Good Guy!) - too many people just blithely open dodgy attachments and thus spread viruses.

  Mike2002 18:57 02 Mar 2004

Kate B:

To be honest, this was the very first e-mail virus I've ever encountered. I get more agro from Trojans trying to install themselves (and sometimes succeeding) via Internet Explorer.

Only last week I had such an 'attack', but I've got both the 'AdAware' and 'Spybot Search & Destroy' programs to assist in removing them.
In addition it also pays to be vigilent; keeping an eye out for the appearance of a new folder or a running program entry you've never seen before.

Some 'nasties' install themselves into Windows and refuse to be deleted in ther normal way. To combat these I've another program called DOS-Delete, which adds an entry in your right-click menu allowing you to delete said files outside of Windows.

You can't say I'm not 'Tooled up' (laugh).

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