Virus and virus vault AVG query!!!

  baz\ 19:27 08 May 2004

Today i got a Virus called JS/Psyme. I did a scan and it put it in the vault, what can i do knnow, is it safe, i pressed heal put it says operation failed. Its in the temporary internet files, what shall i do? Any help will be appreciated.

  Graham ® 19:29 08 May 2004

Operating system, please?

  baz\ 19:31 08 May 2004

Sorry XP Home

  Graham ® 19:34 08 May 2004

Delete the temporary internet files and you should be OK.

  baz\ 19:36 08 May 2004

Thanks, what i have dione is got to tools, options, delete temporary internet files, is that right?

  Graham ® 19:47 08 May 2004

Yes, that's right.

  johnnyrocker 20:20 08 May 2004

wrong it will be in your system restore files.


  TommyRed 20:27 08 May 2004

I believe you have to turn off your system restore to remove fully. This will involve losing your restore points, do you have an imaging program. Ghost, DriveImage or True Image you could use in case of foul ups? HTH TR

  baz\ 09:06 09 May 2004

No, but when i scan again it says the virus has gone. What can i go now?

  Graham ® 11:17 09 May 2004

I believe you will be OK. The virus will only be in the system restore files if a restore point was created whilst the virus was present.

  baz\ 13:54 09 May 2004

Thanks, i removed system restore and scanned and there was no virus found. If there are any problems i will get back to you.
Again Thanks.

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