virus, spyware checker off-line

  frostysnowman 18:54 17 Jul 2008

A friend has asked me to look mt his new (second hand) PC since it is full of junk and old programs. Can anybody advise of any good off-line virus/spyware checkers. The PC is not now connected to the Internet but was before my friend obtained it. Any advice appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 19:02 17 Jul 2008

If there is nothing on there worth keeping, format and reinstall O/S, you can then be sure you have a fresh start...

  mfletch 19:03 17 Jul 2008

Download this to a pen drive click here

Then load it to your friends computer and run it,

No updates are required


  ronalddonald 19:07 17 Jul 2008

mfletch i was going to say the same thing u beat me to it.

You could try this as well click here

save on a pen remeber only anti virus more than there will be conflicts

  frostysnowman 13:56 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for your replies.
I tried the link given by mfletch but the link did not seem to work.
I am also confused about how to go about installing an anti-virus checker on my pen drive. I tried installing AVGfree8.0 but it came back that it could only be installed on a local drive. Any advice appreciated.

  mfletch 14:10 18 Jul 2008

The link is working,

You just download DRWeb to a CD or pen drive and then load it to the infected computer,s desk top then double click it and it will start,

  kalignorgna 15:51 18 Jul 2008

you do know that you can use normal AV offline don't you?? just install any AV and do a scan simple, if u don't whant to connect to net just buy a copy of pca it prity much allways has av on it. oh and by the way when formating ur hard drive with a normal formating tool u can still recover the "formated" work easly since there are now loads of programs that do that sort of thing.

  kalignorgna 15:52 18 Jul 2008

u just download and select the usb drive as desinatiion simple as.

  frostysnowman 16:23 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for your replies.
I do not know what happened before with the link to DrWebb but like mfltech says it does work. Thanks again.

  tullie 17:38 18 Jul 2008

You can use any anti virus or spyware programme offline.

  mfletch 17:42 18 Jul 2008

You can use any antivirus>antispyware program offline but if you have just installed them they most likely are not up to date,

DRWeb downloads fully up to date with the latest definitions

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