Virus scans - is one enough?

  NickyK 10:41 17 Nov 2004

Is it ever advisable to have more than one virus scanner installed. I have AVG at the moment which I quite like, but have been recommended to try avast. Would this cause conflict if added to Windows XP/AOL?

  mark3110 10:48 17 Nov 2004

Its possible that one scanner may constrew the scanning activity of the other as a virus. For the sake of a few mins work I would be inclined to un-install AVG and then install Avast. But to be honest I'm not sure there much difference between Virus scanners these days as long as they are kept up to date.



  NickyK 10:55 17 Nov 2004

Thanks Mark. I had to install something last night as an emergency, and AVG was the closest to hand, as it were (for various reasons).

However, now that the urgency has passed, I think I will replace it with Avast.

Ideally, I'd like to have both, but I don't think that would be very sensible.

  JIM 10:57 17 Nov 2004

AOL already scans and cleans all AOL emails as part of your AOL subscription.Better to make sure you have additional spyware/add-ware tools and keep checking for updates for all.

If you keep an eye out on forum,members are very sharp to tell all when updates are available for all popular used programs.


  Bandy 10:57 17 Nov 2004

I've seen more than one antivirus scanner work on some machines and not on others but isn't something I would do.

The point to me is more about finding an antivirus programme that you like and trust. Like many others here I have been using AVG for a very long while. I like and trust it, although I know that others have different preferences.

If you are not sure about your system try another av until you find the one that you are happy with, and then stay with it otherwise you'll be constantly changing and never hsppy

But my main thought is that if it ain't btoke don't fix it

  NickyK 10:57 17 Nov 2004

PS. I'llleave this post open for another hour, just in case someone writes in who runs both Avast and AVG happily and has no probs with them both. Then I'll resolve.

  NickyK 11:04 17 Nov 2004

Thanks Bandy. I agree. Trouble is, my Mcafee, which I had been happy-ish with uptill now, committed suicide yesterday, so I had to put in something else. AVG was there when I needed it.

I like it so far and will stick with it for now (unless it starts annoying my Mcafee Firewall).

Resolving this. Ta all.

  NickyK 11:05 17 Nov 2004

Oh, yeah. And thanks Jim for the reminder about spyware stuff. Done and dusted. Cheers, mate.

  rawprawn 11:09 17 Nov 2004

It is definately not advisable to run two AV programs,they do not compliment each other but there can be serious conflict between them. I would recomend Avast, I have used both that and AVG and Avast is my preferred option. I'm sure that there are others with adifferennt point of view.Avast runs OK with AOL, my friend uses both with no problems.

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