Virus scan on external drive, How safe ??

  kev-a 21:37 21 Dec 2006

I have purchased a very nice little piece of hardware (Recommendation from this site :)) That i use to remove data from hard drives for people when there comp's die eg PSU up in smoke !!

Two questions:-
1) How do i disable Auto play which runs as soon as my Laptop detects the drive ?

2) How safe is my Laptop from infections from the drive whilst i am scanning it for nasty's ?

Summery..When drive is detected i Start, My Computer, Then right click the drive and scan.

Win XP SP2
Spybot S&D

  FatboySlim71 22:47 21 Dec 2006

To disable autoplay,

Go into My Computer/right click on the external hard drives icon/then choose properties from the menu/then on the window that appears left click on the AUTOPLAY tab. On the window that appears, left click on the SELECT AN ACTION TO PERFORM, below this you can choose to open folder to view files etc there is a few others but you need to left click on TAKE NO ACTION. Repeat the above for all the options in the little drop down menu towards the top of the window for, MUSIC FILES, PICTURES, VIDEO FILES, MIXED CONTENT. When you have done this click on APPLY, you may need to restart the pc, after you have done this try and see if the autoplay has been disabled.

I would say your laptop should be safe as long as you do not choose an infected file and then copy it on to your laptop, but someone else may know better than me.

  woodchip 22:51 21 Dec 2006

In the Meantime, You have to plug the drive in first before you can carry out the above actions. So it's best done with a clear drive, i.e nothing on it.

  kev-a 23:02 21 Dec 2006

Great have disabled Auto Play for all in the drop down which has answered another question i don't have to ask, Ta FatBoySlim71 :)

Woodchip i will have to clean a drive then disable as you say Thanks, Will this then disable any Drive i plug in or does each one have to go through the cleaners first ?
I want to stop the Auto Play before anything one the dirty drive gets onto the lappy Top

  woodchip 23:06 21 Dec 2006

You should clean all drives you are going to use first, then do the above settings on each. As it will write to each drive so that windows knows what to do when you connect it next time.

  kev-a 23:10 21 Dec 2006

Yah Gotcha thanks for the info..:)

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