virus scan

  stewsmith 12:28 13 Jul 2009

hi i have just done a virus scan on my laptop and was amazed that i have 784,934 files on my computer. Is this right, should i have this many files. I do not have any music, probably 200 photos in the C drive. I have Norton 360 and to be honest the PC has become very slow since i installed the software. internet browsing is really slow, but that could be partly due to being on a vodafone dongle. So my question for someone in the know is. Does the amount of files on my laptop sound excessive and should i put it in somewhere to be looked at.

Many thanks, Stew

  Clapton is God 13:48 13 Jul 2009

More info need. What are these files?

MS Office docs?


System files?


  stewsmith 15:05 13 Jul 2009

the only info i have is that 780,655 were files
3321 were process and start up
672 registry entries
257 network and browser
29 other items


  mooly 16:40 13 Jul 2009

How much space do they take up.
Maybe different software counts things up differently. A full computer scan with FSecure shows around 45000 files scanned. A scan with windows defender clocks up 150000 or so going from memory.
Slow how ? In use or booting up.

  Terry Brown 16:43 13 Jul 2009

Norton is a very resource humgry program and it will slow your computer down.

more to the point is how much space you have on your hard drive and how much memory you have, as a computer that is low on Hard drive space is putting bit and pieces where it can find room (which takes time), and low memory (I would suggest a minimum of 2gb for XP) will also slow our system down.

Download and run 'A2 free' from emsi software, as if there is a malware problem that will find it, and do a full defrag.

It might also help to get all your (Microsoft) updates from this site and save them to CD (or run direct), as this will help your machine to run here


  accordion 06:26 14 Jul 2009

The number of files on your laptop isn't too much to worry about. In addition to system files and program files, there are also temporary files, which can add up.

ATF Cleaner is a good tool to use for clearing out temp files. You can download it from click here

It doesn't need to be installed, save it to your desktop to keep it handy and run it regularly. You may be surprised at how many files are removed! (Use 'Select All' to clean.)

As to the slow running, it could well be due to Norton 360, although it sholdn't slow tings down too much once up and running. Try disabling Norton to see if it makes any difference. Only temporarily though, and avoid surfing while it is disabled.


  tullie 06:57 14 Jul 2009

Norton 360 is not atall resource hungry

  Terry Brown 07:27 14 Jul 2009

I had Norton 2006 on my system, and that slowed the system down considerably and I have heard of other people who have had the same problem.
If Norton 360 is a better system , I stand corected

  accordion 14:16 14 Jul 2009

Is Norton 360 a resource hog? Well, it depends on the benchmark you use. Compared to the old Norton Internet Security, it isn't. But some reviewers would still say it uses too much resource.

Have a read:

click here

click here-

click here


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