Virus protection for Vista

  Jo77 18:22 15 Apr 2008


My Toshiba laptop came with a free trial of Norton which has now expired. Am not particularly keen on Norton & would rather have a free application if there is one available. Am concerned about virus/spyware after recent Vista bug.

I would appreciate your views on what virus/spyware/firewall applications I should install? How do I then uninstall Norton?

I had AVG free application on an older laptop & that seemed to work fine.


  rawprawn 19:05 15 Apr 2008

Stick with AVG, and Vista Firewall.

  mammak 20:23 15 Apr 2008

As rawprawn said stick AVG or try Avast from
click here

Windows Vista firewall is sufficient.

And to remove Norton

click here

  skidzy 21:11 15 Apr 2008

For reference click here

  Jo77 22:03 15 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone. Have uninstalled Norton & installed Avast & Superantispyware

Turned on Windows Firewall

Do I need a separate Firewall?


  anskyber 22:25 15 Apr 2008


Particularly if you have a router/modem which will almost certainly have a hardware firewall.

  RobCharles1981 23:14 15 Apr 2008

It would be better I think to have another firewall as well such as Comodo Firewall: click here

Another thing as well Jo you should also have Spyware Blaster which blocks the spyware getting in your pc.

click here

Good Luck!

  rawprawn 08:36 16 Apr 2008

Vista Fiirewall is fine, I have used just that since I got Vista 18 months ago with no problems. If you "must" have another you could try Zone Alarm, but I don't think it is necessary.

  [email protected] 10:21 16 Apr 2008

i dont hear much about click here on this forum, never used it myself it seems a lot lighter than avg and avast and always seems to be in the top 3 on independent antivirus test.

  Bogbrain 17:03 16 Apr 2008

I've used that free version for years from the filehippo site adman put up and it's been brilliant. I've never ever had one problem with viruses ever since having installed it. It's much easier to configure than AVG and just gets on with its job in the background a treat. No fuss no messing it just does its job 100% - must be the German 'efficiency' thing, no frills just 100% workmanship and quality. A really fine product even for the pc illiterate brigade, can't ask much more than that for free.Anyone who buys a 'pay for' software product for such stuff as anti virus must want their bumps felt. It's as if, Ohh, I paid for this therefore it must be better than something that's free. Fuzzy logic that's what I call it : - )

  anskyber 17:12 16 Apr 2008

I use free anti virus software and similar as well.

I think we need to be careful about claiming that buying can be described as

"Fuzzy logic that's what I call it : - )"

I think the fuzzyness is not realising that without the payers non of us would have the free version.

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