Virus Protection

  BATA212 21:49 08 Feb 2012

I have a virus Program. Matter of fact I have 2 with a 24/7 tech support. Called the other day for help, Long story short they wanted to charge me a few hunderd dollars more to take care of some problems. They said No program protect everything and they still get in. Any Help or Ideas thanks.

  bluemoon69 21:54 08 Feb 2012

What security are you using and by the way the main law of security should only have one anti-virus program running on your pc as if you have more they will conflict and not work properly.

  spuds 22:31 08 Feb 2012

Might help if you give the names of the 2 programs that you are talking about. Then perhaps someone can offer alternatives or further advice?.

  frybluff 22:37 08 Feb 2012

I know that not everyone likes Norton, but on a couple of occasions when I've had problems, I found them extremely helpful (and free).

  onthelimit1 09:19 09 Feb 2012

If they're trying to charge for assistance, get rid of what you have and install a freebie - I like MSE or Avast.

  Ian in Northampton 10:28 09 Feb 2012

I'm with bluemoon and onthelimit - only one, and use Avast or MSE. In all the years (touch wood) I've been using free antivirus, I've never once been let down - so I absolutely don't see the point of paying for so-called 'household name' antivirus software.

  csqwared 19:39 10 Feb 2012


This is a copied post from 'Speakers Corner' on a similar subject, the posting by FE himself.

*"wee eddie How do you protect your Back-up against the threat of a Virus? Which you may have backed-up before you notice that you have the problem." All my drives are virus scanned on a daily basis. Backups of data files are made every 15 minutes, as I mentioned earlier. The truth is, provided you are reasonably careful when it comes to where you go on the web the chances of an average computer user picking up a virus are slim. Install a decent anti-virus application, and don't open any email attachments that aren't expected and you'll narrow your chances of a virus infection to almost nil. I cannot remember when one of my computers was last infected by a virus. It hasn't happened for years."*

I think the point is that there is a degree of paranoia about virus' and, in general, the average home PC is fairly secure with any of the free firewall/virus programmes currently available. (Commodo, AVG, Avast, Zone Alarm etc) .

  frybluff 19:55 10 Feb 2012

I take it that the "household names" do a reasonable job. Whilst most computers/laptops come with a "trial" version of one of these, some manufacturers are providing a full version, of, say, McAfee, for a year, or more. Presumably, there is no point in removing that, in favour of a freebie?

  lotvic 20:12 10 Feb 2012

BATA212, if you are a home computer user you are being ripped off. Ditch them and get the free versions available. Quite often the Bank will provide you with a free Anti-Virus program, and Harddrive manufacturers provide free imaging program for backups etc.

Give us info on what pc and operating system (W7, Vista, XP) you have etc and we can recommend free progs to cover.

  bluemoon69 15:54 17 Feb 2012

@ lotvic. That is correct many banks now offer free of charge Virus protection. I am with Barclay's and they provide you with Kaspersky but they will not go out of there way to actually tell you this. I found out just going on there website with a little advert in a corner....easily missed.

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