virus protection

  casper69 08:45 17 Oct 2007


has anyone heard of this security antivirus

click here

does anyone think its any good buy or should i just stick to installing mcafee cd's etc


  johnnyrocker 08:49 17 Oct 2007

go for freebies every time, ther is no need to pay for av.


  johnnyrocker 08:49 17 Oct 2007

go for freebies every time, there is no need to pay for av.


  rawprawn 09:49 17 Oct 2007

johnnyrocker, is right there are plenty of free AV's out there. Try Avast click here
Having said that my personal choice is NOD32 which tou have to pay for but is much cheaper than what you are considering, and is the tops as far as I am here

  Belatucadrus 12:04 17 Oct 2007

click here for more info on it, looks an interesting bit of hardware but total overkill for a home user.

  casper69 13:28 17 Oct 2007

thanks guys

i think i check out nod 32

  Totally-braindead 15:15 17 Oct 2007

I'm also a free anti virus convert. I use AVG free and its kept me virus free for maybe 4 years now. So it gets my vote.
If I was going to pay for an anti virus and like the others I see little point as the free ones are fine, but if you want to pay for one then I think the 2 best ones out there are NOD32 which has already been mentioned or Kaspersky which has been doing very well in all the tests I have seen over the past year or so.
The free ones do the job though.

  DieSse 15:17 17 Oct 2007

At present there's a beta version of the new eset (NOD) security suite - AV, Firewall, Anti-spyware.

It's on free trial right now - and testers usually get some advantage in buying it.

I've been using it for about a month, and it seems good (I've used NOD AV for many, many, years and trust it greatly).

You can run the Firewall in quiet or intrusive mode - seems a bit faster than comodo, which I used previously.

  rawprawn 17:28 17 Oct 2007

Can you give me a link for the Secuity Suite, I can't seem to find it.

  rawprawn 19:22 17 Oct 2007

OK, I found it but I had some problems so I reverted back to the AV.

  Themaestro023 18:46 29 Apr 2008

Can someone please clarify that the one I saw on The Gadget Show on Monday 28th April, is a new addition to the range and can it be used not just for laptops, but for Stand-alone PC's also? If it can free my processor from running Norton at start-up and when 'Norton' decides to run (I disabled that part, but it keeps doing it anyway) a quick scan, then I am going to get one, or two, maybe my PC will be a bit quicker at start-up.

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