Virus Protect 3.9?

  TonyV 17:08 06 Feb 2008

I have just taken delivery of a new base unit that is somewhat better than the old machine I had which served me well, but was becoming a wee bit cumbersome.

This afternoon, whilst looking for some information on Ouactrl.ocx, I looked at a particular site which then proceeded to download a new programme, Virus Protect 3.9. This was immediately picked up AVG Pro, and was taken care of, I think! It removed a number of items that were likely to cause problems to the machine. But it left two Icons on the Desktop and one in the task bar adjacent to the Clock. I can't remove these icons. One is called Online Security and the other is Security Trouble Shooting. The one in the Task Bar keeps coming up with an alert warning that it has found buckets full of problems! i.e There active spyware ..... In fact there are no problems according to a full scan by AVG Pro and AdAware.

That being the case, how do I get rid of these offending Icons?



  hiwatt 17:48 06 Feb 2008

Virus protect is malware.It's a form of trojan.See hereclick here for instructions on how to remove it.I would also try running superantispyware and see if that detects anythingclick here

  mobileman1953 17:53 06 Feb 2008

read this may help
click here

  mobileman1953 17:54 06 Feb 2008

hiwatt beat me to the link

  TonyV 17:56 06 Feb 2008

Thanks for that. It's sod's law, isn't it. New machine and first time a nasty gets loaded in to any machine I have had!
I'll give those a try after dinner and see if they get rid of the offending icons and rubishe it has entered in to the machien.

  TonyV 17:56 06 Feb 2008

No problem!


  TonyV 19:11 06 Feb 2008

I tried the PC Tools link and downloaded it, but I have to purchase it before it would resolve any of the problems. They gave me the option of getting the free version but that would not install.


  mfletch 19:15 06 Feb 2008

Here is two free downloads to try,

Dr.Web CureIt click here

RogueRemover click here

Run them in safe mode


  TonyV 19:36 06 Feb 2008

Ran Dr Web Cureit, but couldn't run it in safe mode. There seems no way I can get to safe mode. I pressded F8, and up came a window with the two drives, the HDD and the DVD drive. On HDD, upon selection, it opened normally! There was another option which said press Esc, but this also opened up normally. Where do I go from here?



  mfletch 19:45 06 Feb 2008

You can run them in normal mode but it would be better in safe mode,

Try them in normal mode,


  TonyV 19:50 06 Feb 2008

Ran Rogue remover, but the icon, which is constantly flashing and throwing up the Alert! warning is still in the task bar by the clock. I can't get rid, and when I right click it it goes to their poxey website! There doesn't appear to be a problem with the machine, I just want rid of that icon.



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