Virus problem? Word constantly requesting scan.

  mad-friend 17:37 29 Jul 2006

Hope you can help. I have a two-fold problem - I think. 1st whenever I open word (it is microsoft 2002 installed when the computer was bought) on the bottom left-hand corner I get a request saying virus scan requested. I have tried to contact Microsoft who say contact manufacturer (Medion). Word isn't working as well as it did 4 years ago when it was new. I know there are small things not right and have tried to fix them using word repair and fix but it doesn't acknowledge my computer and won't let me connect to microsoft. I can't make the connection. I don't know if I have a virus in word. I have AVG installed and do regular checks and update software. AVG is not detecting any virus in word however it has just located 3 in my archives and cannot remove them nor does it offer me options on how to get rid of them. They are
RyDial.dll Trojan horse Dialer.BZI
Upgrade.exe Trojan horse Dialer.BZJ
win_dialler_414.exe Trojan horse Dialer.BZI
I have looked on AVG and am baffled as to how to get rid of them and what damage they might cause. I am having mild stress attacks wondering what to do next. Please can you advise me?
Thankyou, yours sincerely Trish.

  ade.h 17:56 29 Jul 2006

Word can request that every document be scanned before it is opened, if you have configured it to do so.

Use Emsisoft A-squared Free to find and remove Trojans.

  mad-friend 18:09 29 Jul 2006

Hi ade.h
thankyou for your fast response. I have not configured Word to scan every document before opening as I don't know how.
I will download the Emsisoft to remove the Trojans, thankyou for your help, it is very much appreciated.

  ade.h 18:16 29 Jul 2006

It's fairly clear from your description that it IS configured to request a scan.

  mad-friend 18:27 29 Jul 2006

Hi ade.h,
if it is configured and I have AVG doing a full scan why is it not detecting anything in word? Do I have to do it another way, if so how?
I have also just tried to download Emsisoft, don't think it has worked. I followed the links, requested download a few seconds later it bleemd and a yellow shield came up saying download complete yet there is no data or anything on my screen to show it is downloaded. I'm baffled. Have I gone wrong somewhere?

  ade.h 18:39 29 Jul 2006

There is no virus issue with Word's system files. Word is requesting virus scans of documents, not its own files.

Without knowing what browser you use, I can't comment on your download. And if you use IE, I'm certainly not in a position to comment.

  VoG II 18:45 29 Jul 2006
  mad-friend 18:48 29 Jul 2006

Hi ade.h,
please bear with me, I am very inexperienced in these matters. I've checked in my Computers for idiots and I gather my browser is Windows messenger. MY ISP is I am not sure what you mean by IE but I am guessing you mean Internet Explorer.
I am still trying to download the Emsissoft but the options to download from don't give one for uk, just USA Australia France. I'm still baffled. Can you tell me how to download it please?
Thankyou, Trish.

  ade.h 18:53 29 Jul 2006

click here The link is at the bottom of the page. Right-click it and select Save As...

  p;3 19:01 29 Jul 2006

what is your windows version and are you on dial up or Broadband internet connection?

  mad-friend 19:03 29 Jul 2006

Hi p;3, thankyou for replying. My windows version is XP and I am on Dial up.

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