virus problem

  jonny_doe 21:58 05 Dec 2006

my cousin has a problem with her pc
she bought nortons internet security 2007 i loaded it in updated virus definitions and run a full scan before it ended shown 2 viruses then before it ended the pc rebooted but before that a blue screen came up with white text couldnt see what it said the screen didnt stay on long enough
so i started it in safe mode exactly the same happened again ive also run spybot. adware.ccleaner and reg scrub to no affect
any help would be appreciated

  p;3 22:14 05 Dec 2006

one question; does it have any other av protection on it? and what was on it before the Norton got put on?

  jonny_doe 22:20 05 Dec 2006

there was avg free on

  jonny_doe 22:21 05 Dec 2006

it was coming up a trojan but what it said i dont no sorry

  p;3 22:39 05 Dec 2006

click here links to a squared which is a useful tool for finding nasties; needs to be fully updated before running it and an awareness of what is "safe" on ones pc as false possitives can be shown up

also am wondering why the free avg was taken off (was it correctly and completey uninstalled?)for a paid version of an av program?

one assumes that the system restore is ON and several known clean restore points already taken prior to this?

  p;3 22:57 05 Dec 2006

why tick this as resolved without stating how it has been resolved (that surely is a tad impolite)? or has it actually BEEN resolved?

  lotvic 00:21 06 Dec 2006

maybe jonny_doe doesn't realise that you have to post your reply seperately to doing the green tick entry.

  jonny_doe 15:03 06 Dec 2006

sorry this problem hasnt been resolved accidentally ticked resolved had another question on consumer my apologies for that.
ill try what you suggested and let you no
thanks for your time

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