Virus Problem

  old jim 20:30 25 May 2004

I need advice, I was on the Microsoft Update site last night,downloding the lates updates, when my Norton Virus Checker popped up and told me that my computer was infected with the saser 32 virus, I have rolled back my computer with a restore point,and checked that I am free from viruses, but I am frightend to go anywhere neer microsoft again, how am I going to keep my computer updated.
Hoping for advice

  VoG II 20:42 25 May 2004

You need to get the patch click here

Then disable System Restore click here

Then run Stinger click here

  VoG II 20:43 25 May 2004

Then turn SR on again.

  old jim 20:53 25 May 2004

I don't want to sound ungratful for your avice, but what is stopping the same thing happening again.

  johnnyrocker 20:55 25 May 2004

download stinger to a floppy and then run.


  Old Shep 21:02 25 May 2004

The patch stops it getting onto your computer. Disabling system restore gets it off your restore points stinger gets rid of it.

  old jim 21:07 25 May 2004

Hi Again
Sorry!I should have said,I am running Norton System Works Pro, so I have protetion, I just dont want to go nere Microsoft at the moment untill they clean up their servers.

  Old Shep 21:12 25 May 2004

Think you will find you still have sasser on your computer (in your restore points) and you need the patch without it then it will keep coming back wether you visit Microsoft or not.

  johnnyrocker 21:15 25 May 2004

doubt you got it from there as sasser i believe just sits on the net looking for vulnerable ports.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:16 25 May 2004

' I just dont want to go nere Microsoft at the moment until they clean up their servers.'...if you have applied the patch and updated your AV you will be more than protected. No harm was done and you could have easily removed it without a rollback. The virus has nothing to do with MS servers, it was exploiting an unsecure coding that has now been fixed.

Get over this MINOR problem and continue surfing.


  stalion 21:16 25 May 2004

Very annoying getting a virus but you need to protect your computer with anti-virus software which you have and have you updated norton regularly.You also need a good firewall and mailwasher to check your emails on the server.No good blaming microsoft there are loads of viruses about now and they can come from anywhere.Regards

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