virus or what

  menorcarob2 10:52 21 Jan 2003
  menorcarob2 10:52 21 Jan 2003

this morning i recieved this any suggestion as to what it could be as it does not name my isp and normaly they are more than happy to let you know that they are protecting me.

This e-mail contained one or more infected files.
The following attachments were infected and have been repaired:


The following infected attachments were deleted:

1. Zc.exe: [email protected]

You may wish to contact the sender to inform them about
their infections.

Thank you,

Your ISP

----- Original messagetext follows at the end of this e-mail -----

Diese E-Mail enthielt eine oder mehrere infizierte Dateien.
Folgende Dateien waren infiziert und wurden repariert:


Folgende Dateien waren infiziert, konnten nicht repariert werden
und wurden geloescht:

1. Zc.exe: [email protected]

Vielleicht moechten Sie den Absender darueber informieren,
dass seine Mail Viren enthielt.

------------------ Originaltext der E-Mail: ----------------------

Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.It's very dangerous by corrupting your files.
Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most common AV software can't detect or clean it.
We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus.
You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come into your PC.
NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it.
If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'.
If you have any question,please mail to me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 21 Jan 2003

Nothing to worry about, if anyone receives a 'real' email from a sender that has the Klez virus (which is a) common and b) not fact rather mild) you may like to direct any sender to click here where there is a free klez removal tool and also suggest that the sender updates thier AV, which is obviously out of date. However this sounds like a marketing company.

'as it does not name my isp'...lame marketing company then.

'most common AV software can't detectit'...biggest load of baloney this year. ALL up to date AVs can stop it and the free removal tool (above) works well. This sounds rather suspicious to me and I would dump it. Klez is NOT malicious, it is annoying.


  Confab 11:22 21 Jan 2003

I thought that Klez "masked" the senders details with "bogus" sender details from the address book, so there is no point in contacting the sender as he/she won't be the person sending the mail.

Is this correct??


  menorcarob2 11:22 21 Jan 2003

yes i understand what you say, i have AVG on my machine and check for updates every day so am i right to assume that AVG would find any virus that was sent to me on arrival or could i be supseptible to some viruse's

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 21 Jan 2003

AVG will stop most viruses and providing you keep it regularly up dated (updates are usually posted here when they are ready) you should have no problems.

The vast majority of viruses are NOT malicious, in spite of some terrible press hype and if you are using a home computer, with an updated AV, you will have no problems. Whilst I am on the subject, hacking of home computers is as rare as hens' teeth for many reasons that I have written about in past threads.

Klez will send emails to people in your address book and they WILL have your email addy on them. Most will be stopped by your ISP so if you are getting a lot of returned emails from your ISP with a virus warning attached then you probably have Klez.

If you receive an email with an attachment from an unknown sender it may be best to delete it. However I open ALL my mail and have never had a problem but I would not recommend this to everyone.


  jazzypop 12:19 21 Jan 2003

"NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it. If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'."

So a company that I don't know is offering to install a 'fake' Klez on my PC, to fool the real worm? And I have to disable Norton while I do it?

OK, I'll buy three of those - an irresistable offer!

  Confab 12:23 21 Jan 2003

"Klez will send emails to people in your address book and they WILL have your email addy on them"

Sorry but I dont understand this bit. I thought that the main thing about Klez is that you can't tell who the virus has really come from as it substitutes the real senders details with another from his/her address book.

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