Virus or something else?

  Sealer 20:34 10 Jan 2005

I fitted some ram the other day and my pc shut itself down a couple of times automaticaly(following a click). Although my pc reported ram as ok, it was not. Anyway since then my PC is always trying to install software that is already on my PC "Office/Easy CD/Windows Jounal" Is this likly to be a virus or a corrupt operating system(XP SP2) Also system restore does not work anymore...?

  mattyc_92 21:04 10 Jan 2005

Office and Windows Jounal always do this... Office does this so that it changes the paths for each user and only does this once for each account, but it wont ask you for an installation path!!!

I also had the same problem with Windows Jounal and I didn't know why, so I have uninstalled it and hidden it on the "Windows Update" page so that it wont be installed again (I never used it in anyway!!)

Hope my experience has helped you!!!

  Sealer 21:17 10 Jan 2005

You lost me! I had to use my office disk to reinstall/repair (it was asking for disk) when pc is trying to install it is expecting the discs concerned. :-(

  Completealias 00:00 11 Jan 2005

I would think its prob a os problem. You could try the system file checker from the run prompt type sfc /scannow. If you have an xp disc you could also try the recovery consle. Pop the xp disc in boot from it and there is a option to run the recovery consle (you press r at some point)

Hope this helps Good luck :)

  Sealer 21:27 13 Jan 2005

I think I may be sorted but I'm not sure how!

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