Virus jdbmgr.exe

  Bald Eagle 08:43 06 Mar 2003

Dear All

I have just received the following e-mail from a friend is this correct or a spoof? It is there what do I do?

"My address book was contaminated with a virus as a result of my address being in a friend's address book. It may contaminate the people who are in my book. It is called jdbgmgr.exe and cannot be detected by normal anti-virus programmes. It sits quietly for 14 days and then damages the system. It is automatically sent to everyone in an address book whether ot not an e-mail is sent. The good news is that it can be got rif of. Here's how:

a) Go to START then to FIND or SEARCH
b) In Files/Folders insert the name jdbgmgr.exe
c) Be sure to search in your C Drive and everywhere
d) The virus has a teddy bear logo with the named jdbgmgr.exe. DO NOT OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!
e) Right click on your mouse and select DELETE
g) Go to recycle bin right click and DELETE again
h) Check again using FIND or SEARCH to make sure it has gone.

Should you find the virus, as a precaution you should contact everyone in your address book with this full message.

I did all of the above and cannot get rid of the virus, it keeps returning despite in excess of 160 deletions!!!!!!!!!!!

I have e-mailed PC-cillin whose anti-virus system I am using and have asked for their advice as their system does not detect the above albeit it is in my WINDOWS/SYSTEMS folderon my C Drive.

  MAJ 08:46 06 Mar 2003

It's a well known hoax.

  User-312386 08:48 06 Mar 2003

It's worth repeating that neither Microsoft/The Pentagon/Virus software companies/Universities/Medical colleges/Military chiefs ever send out email notifications of viruses to the computer comunity at large - under any circumstances.

So, if you receive a 'round robin' email from a friend or contact about some dreaded virus that wipes your hard drive etc., you can safely assume that it's a hoax.


  €dstow 08:55 06 Mar 2003

Should Teddy get the prize for the most persistent hoax in computer history?


  JoeC 09:43 06 Mar 2003

Virus Hoax: Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java (Jdbgmgr.exe) Is Not a Virus
click here

  Andsome 10:07 06 Mar 2003

Why the HELL won't people leave poor Teddy alone??

  mikef™ 10:08 06 Mar 2003

Yesterday's appearence click here if you ever have an email like this check here click here

  Patr100 10:30 06 Mar 2003

Instead of waiting for a reply from PC Cillin a search on this site would have given you the answer in seconds.

  graham 11:08 06 Mar 2003

Are some of these virus 'subjects' hoaxes themselves? It's hard to believe people are still sending this Email to their friends when a phone call (remember them) would be more appropriate. 'Bows to Teddy, exits stage left'.

  Bald Eagle 19:30 06 Mar 2003

Sorry about delay folk but been walking in the sunny Yorkshire Dales. Thanks for the advice but must admit I have never heard of this hoax. Did what is recommended in this forum kept up to date with AVG and asked here for help. Cheers BE.

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