Virus infection-help needed please

  User-42BE0B3A-FC75-4118-BB8E1390237F847E 21:05 29 Apr 2009

My wife was using the internet when the PC froze. It ran slowly for a time after that then appears to run normally now.
However, SystemSuite 9 security suite was loaded and running. Examination of that now shows that all active protection, EMail scans and the firewall have been switched off and won't switch on. No internet connection can be made either so9 I can't run an online scan.
Is there a suitable program that I can download to a memory stick on this PC and then run on the infected one (I'd prefer not to uninstall the security suite if possible but would like to get it running properly afterwards)

  Belatucadrus 22:23 29 Apr 2009

click here CureIT can run from a memory stick.
click here LiveCD and click here avira RescueDisk need to be burned to a bootable CD.

Thanks for help but unfortuna6tely I can't get it to work - the late reply is because of the hour last night.
I downloaded CureIT onto a USB stick but when I tried to run it, the PC did not detect the drive so I could not run it. I then burned it onto a CD which was detected but would not run.
I have also attempted to run System Restore (tonight after boot up took about nearly 2 hours) but the toolbar is too far off the screen to access it.
I'm still trying to find a solution other than formatting and reloading XP but so far I don't have one. Any suggestions welcome.

  rdave13 22:54 30 Apr 2009

Start up in safe mode and run what security programs you have.. XP safe mode; click here

Note some PCs use F5. Use safe mode without internet connection.

  Belatucadrus 00:56 01 May 2009

Another option is Norman Malware Cleaner click here . They do recomend running it in safe mode.

  robin_x 02:36 08 May 2009

Being cautious, I set a restore point then ran Norman.

It deletes suspicious/infected files without asking. No quarantine it seems.

It deleted my Software Repair Wizard and two files from a recent restore point.

My PC will not now restore before I ran Norman.
I had a backup of my wizard and I believe Norman may have flagged it as a false positive anyway (I think it is maybe just Compaq/HP marketing feedback code sniffing around)
Report was "malware.DJPF".
Which is a maybe / generic / possible / code?

If you want to run Norman...backup these, or your equivalent, first..

c:\System Volume Information\*.*

Both are hidden directories

Fortunately apart from being annoyed, and no longer being able to access my many old restore points, including the "as new PC" one I had, my PC seems OK.

  robin_x 02:38 08 May 2009

or was that cos i tried it once in safe mode and once not? anyway take care

  ambra4 04:37 08 May 2009

SpywareBlaster 4.2 and keep it updated

click here

SpywareBlaster is a prevention program, unlike most anti-spyware programs which utilize a

"Removal" approach after your system is already infected.

SpywareBlaster effectively prevents ActiveX-based spyware, dialers, browser-hijackers and

Malware or potentially unwanted programs from ever installing on your system in the first place.

Many users and companies employ a multi-layered "prevent and remove" strategy by using anti-

spyware removal utilities in combination with SpywareBlaster protection

I would download, update and run the following programs

a-squared Free 4.0

click here

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

click here

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

click here

Thanks for all the help.
However,I could not boot into safe mode and everything got slower and slower-it took 5-6 hours to boot up. Then, when I tried to get into explorer, I could not, so I used the recovery disc to reformat (luckily I had backed up My Pictures and the rest was dispensable or easily sorted afterwards).
Apart from an initial driver problem, it is now working.
Thanks again for suggestions.

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