Virus infection - cant load Norton AV How???

  HuskyDoc 15:36 13 Jun 2003

I picked up a nasty dose of W32 Pinfi/parite this week. Hit the 3 computers (incl laptop) on my home net. I had Norton AV on the main PC and the L/top but not on my old P 200 server running '98.
Now I'm trying to load it into that but it locks up and says "cmd32.exe file is linked to missing export kernel.exe" OK that and the desktop freezes.
I know the kernel file is often attacked by worms and viruses but my main problem is how to get the server to load from the Norton CD.
Any helpers out there in PCSA land?

  Derek 15:43 13 Jun 2003

This sounds to be quite a problem and I would approach it at the most professional level. May I suggest that you send a copy of your email directly to Norton Seymantec , they could be pleased to receive it and give assistance. I'm aware that getting the correct support address is difficult and I find that searching through the Norton support sytem is heavy going, but they do have a support email address you could refer to.
My experience is that they reply very quickly directly to yourself and to the knowledge based forum.

  beeuuem 16:06 13 Jun 2003

Will this help?
click here

  wheelie 17:02 13 Jun 2003

You might be able to clean the infection using an online virus scanner (always assuming you can actually *get* online, that is). Try this for starters click here

  jazzypop 18:17 13 Jun 2003

cmd32.exe is not a system file, but the virus file.

Go to start > Run, type msconfig, go to the Startup tab and untick any reference to cmd32.exe

Then run your antivirus.

You can achieve the same effect by direct editing of the Registry - see click here for an example, but note that there are multiple Run references in the Registry, and only one is given there.

  Andsome 18:22 13 Jun 2003
  Gaz 25 18:44 13 Jun 2003

I bet symantec make half the viruses to get people buying software from them. Only since I bought Norton Anti-virus I have never got a virus in my inbox, even when checking mailwasher, but this happened as soon as a registered my e-mail to them. Odd.

  wheelie 22:32 13 Jun 2003

Cynic! ;)

  jacarts 23:00 13 Jun 2003

If the PC will connect to the internet, try Norton or TrendMicro's online viruscans. If not, download on another PC or get the a trial version of TrendMicros PC-Cillin from . It usually will unzip and install itself when Norton won't. You can also make the Norton or TrendMicro recovery diskettes on another PC, but scanning from diskettes takes a long time. If you get it clean, use Win98's sfc to replace damaged/missing files.
If all else fails, follow the directions.

  HuskyDoc 08:51 14 Jun 2003

Thanks folks for all your suggestions, Jazzypop's worked for me. I feel so stupid, about 2 years back I had a virus which did the same thing and remember I had to delete kernel.exe and cmd32.exe which are illegal files.
I also found a set of Norton Utilities for Win 9* in my "never know when it might be useful" box and the emergency disks are well up for it.
Thanks again to ALL!
Problem solved, server back on line very soon.

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