Virus - "I-Worm/Sobig"

  g0slp 14:54 10 Mar 2003

Just had an email from "[email protected]" land in my Inbox. Title was "Here's that Sample", with a 65.9Kb attachment. Obviously ran AVG on it as it was suspicious. Sure enough, a virus, per the title of this posting. Have deleted same, after advising my ISP's Abuse team, but is there any organisation which actively hunts down these sickos who write these things, other than if it affects national security.....

This posting also meant as a warning to fellow forum members to watch out for it


  Stuartli 16:06 10 Mar 2003

Been around for a bit in several forms; going to the Symantec website will provide the means to get rid of it for those who use NortonAV.

NAV will remove one of these viruses but you have to use the website facility to get rid of the "sample" version.

Have had them from Tiscali in recent weeks but, fortunately, NAV picks them up immediately.....:-)

  pac66 22:25 12 Mar 2003

i have had the same email from [email protected] about ten times in last two or three months AVG always detects virus "I-Worm/Sobig" so i just delete email straight away. its starting to get annoying as i have just received another one today. Is there anyway I can stop these emails?

  g0slp 05:51 13 Mar 2003

I've blocked the sender in OE, but these things never seem to come from the same "sender" twice!. Heigh-ho! We can but try.

  Valvegrid 07:14 13 Mar 2003

g0slp? Hi just wondered if there was any significance in you name, because my ham radio call is G4LNA, sorry nothing to do with viruses :-)

  Andsome 08:17 13 Mar 2003

Install Spam Pal from the CD on this months PCA magazine

  MichelleC 08:51 13 Mar 2003

Yep, I got it too and NAV quickly got rid of it.

  g0slp 22:51 13 Mar 2003

It hadn't been seen for a while, & it does no harm to warn folk if one of these wretched things starts "doing the rounds"

To Valvegrid - yes. Will contact you off-list.

Thanks, as always, to all who responded

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