Virus help/advice please

  rins36 23:39 12 Feb 2004

I have used AVG 6.0 to scan the comp and nothing shows up, however after a while the following message is received on screen

Virus AVG Resident Shield
Trojan horse Downloader.Dyfica.AB
is found in file C:\system volume information\-restore{F598387F-3ED0-4478-B3D8-AD0A44E33B2D3\RPI34\A0027790.ocx

Run AVG for Windows to remove

Please can anyone help/advise on this asap

thanks in advance

  DieSse 23:50 12 Feb 2004

A virus in the restore folder will not affect your system in any way - UNLESS you do a system restore. The virus will eventually get overwritten as new restore points are created. So it's not essential that you do anything about it (but remember you may get the virus if you do a restore).

What you should be worrying about is how AVG let the virus get past it and into the restore folder in the first place!

For the only AV program that's not missed an "in-the-wild" for several years click here

  MAJ 23:51 12 Feb 2004

The virus is in one of your Restore Points, you need to de-activate System Restore to get rid of it. The restore points are protected files and cannot be deleted using AVG or any other antivirus program. After de-activating System Restore, run AVG to verify that the virus has been removed, then re-activate System Restore.

  Jester2K 07:36 13 Feb 2004
  georgemac 08:10 13 Feb 2004

I too just dealt with some trojans on a friends PC. They got past AVG, and were apparently put on the hard drive through an open port (no firewall) when on an internet site. (email had arrived - click on this site!)

The 5 trojans apparently could mask themselves from AVG anyway (and turn it off?), and infect system restore so if anyone notices a problem and restores back the way the trojans remain.

This one had placed a keylogger on the system and the reason a problem was noticed was unable to type into word.

A scan with AVG found the viruses, but it could not delete one file msto32.dll (in use) so had to boot to safe mode and delete it.

AVG then detected the other viruses on reboot and cleaned them.

Guess the morla is you need firewall + Anti virus to be protected and to do regular scans.

  DieSse 08:51 13 Feb 2004

"Guess the morla is you need firewall + Anti virus to be protected and to do regular scans."

Couldn't agree more

  rins36 00:04 14 Feb 2004

thanks for the tips, I scan the pc using AVG 2-3 times a day & it has not picked this up virus

  First Bass 03:02 14 Feb 2004

Hi there. I've just had a similar problem today (just posted to Helproom)in a file on the same c:\system volume information\_restore directory, but this Trojan Horse is called Downloader Turown A, and was discovered by AVG. I use not only an up-to-date AVG6, but also Zone Alarm firewall, plus NAV 2002. NAV does not list this trojan in its encyclopaedia, so AVG can't take all the blame!

First Bass

  georgemac 07:59 14 Feb 2004

AVG is provided free to personal users so I would never blame them for anything.

Also they cannot be expected to find a virus before it comes out - the virus writers do not notify the AV companies in advance.

Rules - never open dodgy emails or attachments, in fact best to use mailwasher so you can delete them on the ISP server before they ever get near your PC.

Keep your AV software up to date & scan regularly.

Run an up to date firewall, sygate personal edition is free, ans visit Steve Gibsons site and run shields up to test your firewall.

Try and avoid dodgy websites, never visit a website from a link in an email unless you know it is from a trusted source.

  Jester2K 09:45 14 Feb 2004

Not a good idea to run 2 AVs at the same time.

  Belatucadrus 11:38 14 Feb 2004

If running AVG do enable Heuristics, it's been reported to give an occasional false alarm, but gives better cover than having it disabled.

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