Virus found in email

  rawprawn 07:21 08 Sep 2003

I received two emails this morning and AVG warned me that one contained a virus., but didn't tell me which. They were from EBay & [email protected] so I suspect the latter. This posting is just a warning, & to see if others have had this. I deleted both emails to be on the safe side.

  Wes Tam ;-) 07:25 08 Sep 2003

rawprawn if you use Mailwasher ( free from click here ) you can preview your e-mail before downloading it - giving you the chance to delete all 'dodgy' e-mail.

  Tog 07:42 08 Sep 2003

Don't assume that a good addressee means the email is OK. I've had a few arrive from supposed good sources that my AV has shredded. The morons that produce this stuff are getting sly.

  Jester2K II 08:29 08 Sep 2003

MDaemon = Mailer Daemon

Anything coming from these sort of addresses


postmaster @ here .com
mailer-daemon @ there .com
[email protected] . com

are usually Bounced messages.

It looks similar to the messages i get.

Someone has my e-mail address in there address book. They also have the SoBig virus and it's sending out copies of the virus using my e-mail address as the return address.

So i get all the bounced messages saying "You sent a virus too us" etc When I didn't

Even worse is some of the Mail Server return the attachment (virus) too!!

It looks like this is what you might be getting.

  rawprawn 09:21 08 Sep 2003

I was unable to find a way to "erase" or shred the emails, so I just deleted them unopened, is that OK, I am using AVG & it told me I had a virus in an email but there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish which email ( I received 2) or to isolate and shred any detected virus. I ran a full system scan before & after deleting & found nothing.

  rawprawn 09:23 08 Sep 2003

I have mailwasher, but I get so few emails I hardly ever use it,but from now on !!! Thanks any way to all.

  Nosmas 09:34 08 Sep 2003

Fortunately although I have AVG, I have never received a virus via an email. I would have thought however that AVG would have notified you immediately it had scanned th incoming email. Are you sure that the box entitled "Use Outlook Express 5 Plugin" on the E-mail Scanner tab of AVG Control Centre is checked (ticked)? Or did your warning message display after running a Complete Test of your system?

  rawprawn 12:29 08 Sep 2003

My email scanner is ticked & if I open it, It says no other action is needed. I am running Outlook not Otlook Express. AVG notified me that there was a virus as I downloaded, but when I pressed OK (no other alternative) It just closed the box. Then without opening the Email I did a complete scan & it found nothing so I deleted both emails.

  Belatucadrus 12:37 08 Sep 2003

It could be a Heuristic false alarm, when I was using AVG it regularly threw up a warning when I received the Novatech newsletter and avast isn't too keen on Freeserve circulars.

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