A virus doing the rounds

  MichelleC 09:01 21 May 2003

I did a search to see if it's already been posted, so if it has, apologies:

Virus is [email protected] and porports to come from [email protected] ,naughty, naughty.

NAV has updates.

click here

[email protected]" title="http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  -pops- 09:09 21 May 2003

It has already been posted but I think it's dropped of the bottom of the page.

You can never be too careful in letting people know about these things and it is wise to bring it up again.

I received the email yesterday and again this morning. Fortunately, Mailwasher intercepted it and I dealt with it appropriately. I hope everyone else does the same!


  Granger 09:13 21 May 2003

I don't use that phrase often, but they are doing a good job of making sure I never even get the viruses. I got the message with no attachment.

  Andsome 09:24 21 May 2003


  hoverman 11:45 21 May 2003

Symantec are reporting yet another virus purporting to come from Microsoft Support, namely: [email protected] Distribution is said to be high. Looks as thought there are many attempts to access our PC's disguised as coming from MS.

  -pops- 11:50 21 May 2003

I've just been sent another!

This is very odd because up until now, I have always been pretty much clear of attempts to sent me a nasty and now three within 24 hours.

I think it must be someone who has me in their address who has unwisely opened one of these things.


  Stuartli 13:48 21 May 2003

This virus has been well documented in various places including this forum - got it yesterday along with another (via Tiscali) but Norton AV worked well; benefit of updating every day.

The [email protected] virus appears to be another (or a reappearance) variation of the SoBig virus; these are fully covered in Symantec's virus coverage and how to get rid of them.

I've posted in the forum before on the question of why Tiscali manages to send out so many virus infected e-mails although, in fairness, it claims it is taking steps to deal with the problem:

click here

However, it would appear that payment might be required for this, which I don't think would be right or proper.

Tiscali sends out both virus infected and porn related e-mails at an astonishing rate, although it doesn't appear to affect each and every client; some received none or relatively few.

  hoverman 15:47 21 May 2003

It would be interesting to see if Tiscali require payment. I am with BT Broadband which also uses Brightmail and Symantec technology for their Email Protection service - which is free of charge in my case.

  Stuartli 17:20 21 May 2003

I use both Tiscali and Pipex - Pipex provides Norton AntiVirus free and has done so for several years.

My son downloads it for me on broadband and then burns it to a CD-R or CD-RW, which saves a great deal of time in view of the fact it's a 36MB program...:-)

You, of course, are able to download the latest updates for a year. You can then download the latest NAV from Pipex to continue the arrangement.

  The Spires 18:24 21 May 2003

BT provide free spam control & anti-virus checking of all mail, seems to work too.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:13 21 May 2003

Had the email from *ahem, ahem* 'support microsoft' today with a W.32.PayH virus but AVG got it. This illustrates the importance of regular AV updates.


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