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  jono 11:29 10 Mar 2003

Can anyone tell me how to identify a virus? The problem is with Win XP and
Nortem System Works. Norton doesn't pick up the Virus as it appears to have
been disabled and when i try to enable virus scan or update i am told i dont
have administrator privileges, which upuntil yesterday i did have. Now my
useraccount has been replaced with Administrator, for which the password has
also been reset. Any changes i make to drive C appear to be done on an image
of the drive, while not updating the drive itself. As well as this i get
constant errors in IE, which forces shutdown and when i try to run an online
virus scan i cant enable active x, as i again have no privileges. Also
yesterday my network places said "Project on Killer" and wouldn't allow
access. I previously called my computer"Home" so that has also been changed.
Is it possible that i have been attacked from the net and a trojan installed
such as BO or netbus, and if so how do destroy this?
Help is required to take control back over my computer.

  Belatucadrus 11:38 10 Mar 2003

Try Gladiator click here it's a freeware virus and trojan scanner.

  AndySD 11:38 10 Mar 2003

click here start with the cleaner.

  jono 14:28 10 Mar 2003

Thnx for the posts but none of these worked.....i think the problem is because the virus/trojan...whatever it is....has disabled Administrator user there any way i can getaround this?

  AndySD 15:06 10 Mar 2003

When the pc boots try pressing F8 and going into safe mode using your Admin password. If you can then try using the cleaner there.

  AndySD 15:08 10 Mar 2003

click here and see if you can do an online virus check.

  jono 16:26 10 Mar 2003

cheers for the response andy, but still no joy. It seems as if whateveri do i cannot get root access.

  AndySD 17:20 10 Mar 2003


Click on the envelope next to my name and send an email..... I have a link that might help.

  Lead 18:22 10 Mar 2003

I know it's a little drastic, but if I thought may PC had been 'attacked' I would just reformat and reinstall the OS.

It may never be the same again and you can't be 100% sure you're not effecting other PCs :(

  jono 18:56 10 Mar 2003

you are probably right Lead, but i have data locked in my user account that i really need to get at.....also there is possible problem with reformat depending on type of virus.....hopefully i will be able to get round the Administrator password somehow.
Thnx for Post

  AndySD 08:02 11 Mar 2003

Other options....does your PC have more then one partition or hard drive....

Do you have a spare/second hard drive you can put in the PC.

If so you can load a fresh version of XP onto the other drive and save your info onto it then format the c drive and start again clean,.

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