Virus Check on PC with no Internet access

  Heefie 09:54 19 Jan 2008

My friend has got himself a second hand PC which is apparently very slow, so I am going over to check it out today. My first port of call will be a virus check, obviously, but as he hasn't yet got a working phone line, I have to take a USB drive of software with me.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what anti-virus program I can download and take with me ? As far as I know, all the ones I have ever used (AVG & Eset/Nod32) download the latest signatures into the software AFTER it has been installed on the PC and in this case that is obviously not an option !!!

  johnnyrocker 09:57 19 Jan 2008

try a download of 'stinger' a google search will produce abd should be sufficient to start you off.


  brundle 09:58 19 Jan 2008

Stinger is useful but only finds a limited number of things. Avast click here and latest defs click here
(that's a direct link)

  johnnyrocker 10:00 19 Jan 2008

i did say it was a start.


  MAJ 10:03 19 Jan 2008

If it's a secondhand PC, a format and reinstall is probably the best option.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:05 19 Jan 2008

Download (onto your memory stick) the latest AVG and this will be more than good enough for what you need. Download Spyware Terminator or Adaware and then download Ccleaner (run the registry cleaner and the file cleaner). Run the lot, take off all unwanted programmes, defrag, take off Norton (if it is on), type msconfig into run and uncheck all the unecessary start up progs. Finally, get more RAM.


  SANTOS7 10:12 19 Jan 2008

I'm with MAJ if its second hand you never know what could be lurking on the HDD....

  Heefie 11:25 19 Jan 2008

Some good advice there, lads, thanks, and yes, I realise that a format and re-install may be the best option but (a) he got it from his mother, so I'm hoping there shouldn't be anything too dodgy on there, plus there may be software, music, photos etc. that he wants to keep, and (b) I don't know what disks he has to do a re-install.

Stinger & Avast I'm downloading, I've already downloaded AdAware & I'll look at Gandalf's other suggestions in a minute. I've also downloaded AusLogic's DiskDefrag, I've found that useful in the past ...

Thanks for all your input ...

  Belatucadrus 12:32 19 Jan 2008

click here FREE Dr.Web CureIt!® Utility also a useful addition.

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