Virus from browsing a website?

  Roadgiant 11:48 29 Jun 2003

I thought (mistakenly it seems) that you could only pick up a virus by actually downloading files not simply by browsing?
I went on a site the other day which immediatly caused my anti virus software to (AVG Free)to throw out a warning of a Trojan horse downloader small virus.
I ran a full scan which cleared it up and have since deleted the site (name witheld for obvious reasons) from my favorites.
I run ZApro and AVG on my machine and was quite surprised to have this happen, any comments?
Thanks for any replies.

  monkeyshine 11:50 29 Jun 2003

You can also pick up the JS Exception virus, it helps to have an AV program, doesn't it?

  Diemmess 11:54 29 Jun 2003

Just shows the need for protection, always.

Obviously some sites are dodgy and most are themselves very well protected (It could cost them their name and trade otherwise).

In addition to virus infections there is a real risk of spyware and other unwanteds, and even the great and mighty useful Google has been hacked a couple of times in the last few months, with weird versions of their logo at the top of their opening page seeming to be the only effect that attack had.

  Ironman556 12:14 29 Jun 2003

You download whenever you open a web page, the files go into a temporary folder to make it quicker to access them the next time. I've also had the js exception, which came in a very small transparent .gif, looking just like a spacer (no picture).

This may sound a strange suggestion, but type a URL wrong into the address bar, so that it uses the browsers search. Re-scan to check the file hasn't come back, it's unlikely that you've got the same version I had, but no-where had any info how to get rid of it, and it kept returning (sorted it eventually). If it has then you're getting re-directed via anothe website, then to the MSN search page. Keep an eye out for anything strange happenig anyway.

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